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"Thoughts are energy. And you can make your world or break your world by thinking."
   Susan S. Taylor
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Daily Virgo
You can be excited about new plans and experiences now, but avoid pushing too hard. You are easily distracted from your priorities and may end up chasing the wrong things and missing deadlines. Avoid hasty communications and decisions now. The Sun and Neptune meet in your partnership sector today, and your magnetic powers are strong, but not necessarily discriminating. You can magnetize people and situations to you that are draining and complicated. Yearnings for something more in your relationships can come on strongly, but for some of you, there can be a magical connection with someone. There is a tendency for others to misinterpret your words or actions in a way that suits their lives, perhaps more than yours! Watch for this, but do listen to your own needs to help and support people you care about. You may want to put a dream into action now, particularly related to a partnership.
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