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Below are the 10 last played games. Click an image or game name to play.

Click to play Raku Your objective in Raku is to turn the tiles back to blue in as few moves as possible.
played 4,183 times last 12/18/17 12:17:58 AM
Click to play Flash Donkey Kong In Flash Donkey Kong jump over the barrels while climbing the ladders to save the princess. Use the arrow keys to move mario and the spacebar to jump.
played 2,495 times last 12/18/17 12:17:27 AM
Click to play Blueshift Blueshift is a great side-scrolling shooter. Grab some powerups and start blasting!
played 2,074 times last 12/18/17 12:16:53 AM
Click to play Match The Bugz In Match The Bugz you swap the bugs and try to align 3 or more similar ones in a row to eliminate them, but avoid the bombs.
played 3,193 times last 12/18/17 12:16:21 AM
Click to play Munchy Man In Munchy Man you munch those dots, avoid the ghosts and go for the high score.
played 2,771 times last 12/18/17 12:15:46 AM
Click to play Memory Family Guy Flip over two cards, if they match they will disappear, if they don't... remember them and flip over more cards. Win by matching all the cards in Memory Family Guy.
played 1,872 times last 12/18/17 12:15:13 AM
Click to play Blasteroids Blasteroids is the modern adaption of the well-known amusement arcade classic Asteroids.
played 1,543 times last 12/18/17 12:14:41 AM
Click to play Mahjongg 3D Mahjongg 3D is an ancient game that originated in China. It is a game of skill, intelligence, calculation and luck.
played 2,440 times last 12/18/17 12:12:25 AM
Click to play Battleships In Battleships you must be the savior and destroy the enemy fleet.
played 3,652 times last 12/18/17 12:11:46 AM
Click to play Chinese Checkers This is a variation of the classic game Chinese Checkers, The aim is to clear as many pieces as possible. A move consist of jumping over any other one peg into a hole beyond.
played 3,095 times last 12/18/17 12:11:06 AM

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