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Welcome to Free Online Games. Here you'll find 97 free shockwave and flash games in 7 categories to play right from your browser. You can rate and leave your comments on the individual game pages. Just click a link to begin the fun. The categories are Arcade Games, Board Games, Card Games, Driving Games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Thinking Games, Word Games. You can also browse the 10 Top Rated Games, 10 Most Played Games, 10 Newest Games and 10 Last Played Games.

Bush Shoot-Out is a fast paced online shockwave arcade game. Your mission is to shoot your way out of the Whitehouse. The classic card game Hearts in all it's glory. Get ready to tiki the night away with Tiki Freecell. It’s all about the allure of the islands. Build your foundations, fill the free cells, and pile on from there. The objective of Brain Machine is to solve the equations at the bottom of the screen before you run out of brainpower. The traditional card game Spades to waste away hour after hour. Tangram is 7 basic shapes that must be combined to form various geometric figures. Pic-N-Pair World Capitals is a fast paced game where you match up the country with its capital. The aim of the game in Mini Pool is to clear the pool table in the shortest time possible.
In Big Truck Adventures 2 you're the delivery man. You will receive various types of cargo and it’s your job to deliver them safely and quickly. In Xtreme Invaders you are chased through fields of meteorites and attacking alien squadrons. You can choose from three ship types to start with increased fire power, shield or speed. In Sky Knight 2, it's make or break as you take on the menacing sky battalion, armed only with your plane, your guns, and if you're lucky... a friend. Take the challenge and defeat all the world champions of air hockey in this Air Hockey World Championship game. Blasteroids is the modern adaption of the well-known amusement arcade classic Asteroids. Remember Centipede? Centimania is a flash version of it. In Jungle Jean Puzzle Game you help Jungle Jean reach the trapped chimpanzee in each room. It's the dawn of the iron age and you get to drive the train in Rail of War.

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