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Welcome to Free Online Games. Here you'll find 97 free shockwave and flash games in 7 categories to play right from your browser. You can rate and leave your comments on the individual game pages. Just click a link to begin the fun. The categories are Arcade Games, Board Games, Card Games, Driving Games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Thinking Games, Word Games. You can also browse the 10 Top Rated Games, 10 Most Played Games, 10 Newest Games and 10 Last Played Games.

The aim of KONNECTORS is to build a road linking the starting point to the end point to get your vehicle across. As the game progresses, the objects in your path will become harder to build around.  e.g. farms, factories, trees, gas station, skyscrapers etc. The White Jigsaw is a jigsaw puzzle with no image that keeps getting harder and harder. In Big Truck Adventures 2 you're the delivery man. You will receive various types of cargo and it’s your job to deliver them safely and quickly. In Block N Roll the objective is to put the block through the hole by rolling it. It only goes in a certain way and there are obstacles in the play area that you need to interact with to reach your goal. Click 'N' Slide is a classic game familiar to most everyone - a slider puzzle. 20 pictures and 4 levels of difficulty to choose from. Guide the hero through various mazes, collect all the points and avoid the evil ghosts in Splatman. Beat your opponent by converting all the 3D Reversi pieces on the board into yours before the game ends. Play the classic game of checkers in three modes, standard, giveaway and extreme in 3 in 1 Checkers.
Paradise Island Jigsaw Puzzle is of a happy little cartoon island. With a happy little cartoon shark. Bantumi is an african board game where you take all of the tokens in a cup and distribute them, piece for piece, in the following cups. The game is over, if all of a player's cups are empty. Destroy the invading aliens and save your brethern from abduction in Cosmic Defender. In Munchy Man you munch those dots, avoid the ghosts and go for the high score. The Classic game of Blackjack. Can you beat the Blackjack Elf without going bust? Spot the 5 Differences in each of the pictures presented. Enter the world of Sonic the Hedgehog in Ultimate Flash Sonic. Blasteroids is the modern adaption of the well-known amusement arcade classic Asteroids.
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