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Welcome to It's History! for yesterday, Monday, August 21, 2017.

Events for yesterday in history Birthdays  Deaths
0959 Erachus becomes bishop of Luik
1321 160 Jews of Chincon France, burned at stake
1560 Tycho Brahe becomes interested in astronomy
1598 -22] Deed of Transfers proclaims Netherlands independence
1673 Sea battle at Kijkduin: De Ruyter defeats English & French fleet
1680 Pueblo Indians takes possession of Santa Fé from Spanish
1703 Turkish army removes sultan Mustafa II
1718 Emperor Karel VI, Turkey & Venice sign peace treaty
1831 Nat Turner slave revolt kills 55 (Southampton County, Virginia)
1841 John Hampton patents venetian blind
1858 1st Lincoln-Douglas debate (Illinois)
1863 Raid at Lawrence KS by William Quantrill
1864 BBT Charleston, SC [->DEC 31]
1864 Battle at Globe Tavern, Virginia, ends after 2500 casualties
1864 Battle of Grubbs Crossroads, KY
1864 Battle of Summit Point, VA
1864 Gen-major Nathan B Forrests assault on Memphis, Tennessee
1878 American Bar Association organizes at Sarasota, NY
1878 Edward Pooley completes record 8 stumpings in a cricket match
1883 Providence shuts out Phillies 28-0
1887 Mighty (Dan) Casey struck-out in a game with NY Giants!
1888 William Seward Burroughs patents adding machine
1891 Dutch Mackay govt resigns
1897 Oldsmobile begins operation as a General Motors Corp division
1901 21st US Mens Tennis: William Larned beats Beals C Wright (62 68 64 64)
1901 Joe McGinnity, suspended from NL for punching & spitting on an ump
1912 Mr Carter-Cotton chosen 1st chancellor of Univ of British Columbia
1914 20th US Golf Open: Walter Hagen shoots a 290 at Midlothian CC Ill
1914 Belgium: German troops occupy Tamines
1914 French offensive in the Ardennen/Sambre
1920 3rd PGA Championship: Jock Hutchison at Flossmoor CC Flossmoor Ill
1922 Curly Lambeau & Green Bay Football Club granted NFL franchise
1925 BV Emmen soccer team forms
1926 -22] Uprising against Greek president/dictator Pangalos
1926 White Sox Ted Lyons no hits Red Sox 6-0 in just 67 minutes at Fenway
1927 4th Pan-African Congress meets (NYC)
1929 Chicago Cardinals become 1st pro football team to train out of town
1930 Prohibition of Wieringermeer finished
1931 Babe Ruth hits his 600th HR, off George Blaeholder of Browns
1932 Wes Ferrell is 1st to win 20 games in each of his 1st 4 seasons
1933 Ruth's homer leads AL to a 4-2 win in 1st All Star Game
1936 Red Sox Wes Ferrell, walks off mound when he feels he did no get good feilding, Sox suspend him
1938 Italy bars all Jewish teachers in Public & High School
1942 Alpine hunters plant German flag on Elbroezgebergte, Kaukasus
1942 Transport nr 22 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
1943 Gromyko named USSR-ambassador in Washington
1943 Japan leaves Aleutian Islands
1944 Germans storm up Hill 262 (Mont Ormel) Normandy
1944 Grieg/Work/Forest's musical "Song of Norway," premieres in NYC
1944 Raid on Jewish childrens house in Secrétan/St-Mandé
1944 US 12nd Army corp occupies Sens
1945 Pres Truman ends Lend-Lease program
1947 1st Little League World Series Maynard Midgets of Williamsport PA win
1948 Indians 47-inning scoreless streak broken by White Sox Aaron Robinson
1949 Phila fans cause A's to forfeit game when they riot over a trapped line drive by Rich Ashburn, Giants leading 4-2 in 9th declared winners
1953 Baseball player reps Ralph Kiner (NL) & Allie Reynolds (AL) hire John Norman Lewis at $15,000 to give legal advice to players in negotiation
1953 Marion Carl in Douglas Skyrocket reaches record 25,370 m
1953 Sultan Sidi Mohammed Am Joessoef V of Morocco deposed
1956 WTVW TV channel 7 in Evansville, IN (ABC) begins broadcasting
1957 1st launching in Baikonur, Kazachstan (R7 "Semiorka"-rocket)
1958 KUT-FM in Austin Texas begins radio transmissions
1959 Hawaii becomes 50th US state
1961 Jomo Kenyatta freed in Kenya
1962 Verne Gagne beats Mister M (doctor X) in Minn, to become NWA champ
1963 Jerry Lynch's record 15th pinch-hit HR gives Pirates a 7-6 win
1963 Martial law declared in S Vietnam, following raids on Buddhist pagodas
1965 Gemini 5 launched into Earth orbit (2 astronauts)
1965 Romania adopts constitution
1965 The Crusher beats Mad Dog Vachon in St Paul, to become NWA champ
1966 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Women's Western Golf Open
1967 China reports downing of 2 US bombers
1967 Ken Harrelson becomes baseball's 1st free agent
1967 Liquid gas tanker explodes in Martelange Belgium, 22 killed
1967 Mikis Theodorakis arrested in Greece
1968 After 5 years Russia once again jams Voice of America radio
1968 Democratic Convention opens in Chicago
1968 Marine James Anderson Jr is 1st black Medal of Honor winner
1968 Radio Prague (Czech) at 12:50 AM announces a soviet led invasion
1968 Warsaw Pact forces enter Czechoslovakia to end reform movement
1968 William Dana reaches 80 km (last high-altitude X-15 flight)
1969 Fire in Al-Aksa-mosque in Jerusalem
1972 1st hot air balloon flight over Alps
1972 British harbor strike ends
1972 Grace Slick maced by police when a band official called cops, pigs
1972 Republican convention opens in Miami Beach
1972 US orbiting astronomy observatory Copernicus launched
1975 3 truck pile up kills 10, injures 26 on French highway
1975 Rick & Paul Reuschel become 1st brothers to pitch a combined shut out
1975 US lightens trade embargo against Cuba
1976 Al Bumbry hits 17th inside-the-park HR in Oriole history
1976 Battle East Sussex: Mary Langdon becomes 1st British firewoman
1977 Debbie Austin wins LPGA Wheeling Golf Classic
1977 Donna Patterson Brice sets high speed water skiing rec (111.11 mph)
1978 1st gay theme telefilm - Matlovich vs US Air Force
1979 Mets win a protested game against Astros, 5-0
1980 Linda Ronstadt opens in "Pirates of Penzance" on Broadway
1982 Palestinian terrorists are dispersed from Beirut
1982 Rollie Fingers (Brewers) becomes 1st pitcher to get save #300
1983 "La Cage aux Folles" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 1761 performances
1983 110°F (43°C) at Fayetteville, North Carolina (state record)
1983 Joanne Carner wins LPGA Chevrolet World Championship of Women's Golf
1985 Mary Decker Slaney runs mile in world record 4:16.71
1985 NY Lotto pays $41 million to three winner (#s are 14-17-22-23-30-47)
1986 "Rags" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 4 performances
1986 Ian Botham takes world-record 356th Test Cricket wkt (v NZ, The Oval)
1986 Lake Nios Volcano in Cameroon kills 1,746
1986 Red Sox Spike Owens scores 6 runs in a 24-5 rout of Cleve Indians
1986 Surinames Ronnie Brunswijks Jungle commandos kill 2 govt officials
1986 Volcanic eruption in Cameroon releases poison gas, killing 2,000
1986 With 2 outs in 6th inning, Red Sox score 11 runs
1987 "Mack Lobell" set harness racing's trotting mil (1:52)
1987 Clayton Lonetree, 1st marine court-martialed for spying, convicted
1987 Silke Hörneer swims female world record 100m breaststroke (1:07.91)
1988 Cease fire between Iran & Iraq takes effect after 8 years of war
1988 Juli Inkster wins LPGA Atlantic City Golf Classic
1988 Yordanka Donkova runs world record 100 m hurdles (12.21)
1989 Voyager 2 begins a flyby of planet Neptune
1991 Communist coup is crushed in USSR in 2 days
1991 Latvia declares it's independence from USSR
1993 Lyricist Bernie Taupin weds Strephanie Haymes
1993 NASA loses contact with Mars Observer
1994 -23] Typhoon Fred ravages Chinese county Zhejiang, 700+ killed
1994 Ernesto Zedillo wins Mexican presidential election
1994 Jane Geddes wins LPGA Chicago Golf Challenge
1994 Royal Air Maroc ATR-42 crash down at Agadir, 44 killed
1995 US marshals move in on Randy Weaver's cabin in Idaho
1996 "Hughie," opens at Circle in Sq Theater NYC
1996 Christie Lee Woods, 18, of Texas, crowned 14th Miss Teen USA
1996 Netscape Browser 3.0 is released
1997 Typhoon Winnie kills 140, injures 3,000 in East China
1997 US govt forces closure of Hudson Foods due to E Coli break out
2017 Next total solar eclipse visible from North America

Birthdays for yesterday in history Events  Deaths
1165Philip II Augustus, 1st great Capetian king of France (1179-1223)
1567François de Sales, French bishop of Geneva/writer/saint
1579Henri II, Duke de Rohan-Gié, French Huguenot leader
1642Johann Friedrich Treiber, composer
1643Afonso VI, king of Portugal (1656-67) (mentally ill)
1660Hubert Gautier, engineer, wrote 1st book on bridge building
1689Jose Pradas Gallen, composer
1721Lucretia W van Winter-van Merken, Dutch poet
1725Jean-Baptiste Greuze, French painter
1751Johann Georg Witthauer, composer
1765William IV, king of England (1830-37)
1780Jernej Kopitar, Slovenian censor (Slovenian Grammar)
1789Augustin-Louis, Baron Cauchy, French mathematician
1798Jules Michelet, French historian (History of France, L'Amour)
1801Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer, WW II Dutch statesman/historian
1806Johannes Frederick Frohlich, composer
1809Francesco Schira, composer
1810Thomas Jefferson McKean, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1821William Barksdale, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1863
1824John Sanford Mason, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1897
1825Kate Fanny Loder, composer
1829Otto Goldschmidt, composer
1847Arthur T Verhaegen, Belgian worker's union leader
1852Benedetto Junck, composer
1871Leonid N Andrejev, Russian journalist/writer (Red Laugh)
1872Aubrey Beardsley, England, artist (Salome)
1874Herman A van Karnebeek, Dutch minister of Foreign affairs (1918-27)
1875Maurice Lippens, Belgian earl/minister/governor of Congo
1879Henry Ainley, Leeds England, actor (As You Like It)
1880Johan H Westerveld, Dutch WW II resistance fighter/leader (OD)
1890Bill Henry, SF Calif, newscaster (Who Said That?)
1892Charles Vanel, Rennes France, actor (Wages of Fear)
1893Juliette Marie Olga Lili Boulanger, composer
1893Lili Boulanger, composer
1896Blossom Rock, actress, (Grandmamma-Addams Family)
1896Raymond Herreman, Flemish writer (Rose of Jericho)
1896Roark Bradford, writer/humorist (Ol' Man Adan an' His Chillun)
1900Eileen Percy, Belfast Ireland, silent film actress (Let's Go)
1902Renato Fasano, composer
1903Yannis Constantinidis, composer
1904[William] Count Basie, Red Bank NJ, jazz musician (Blazing Saddles)
1905Isadore I Friz Freleng, KC MO, animator (Warner Bros cartoons)
1906Joachim Homs, composer
1906Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, advertising magnate
1907Miguel Torga, [Adolfo Correia da Rocha], Portuguese author
1907Roy K Marshall, Glen Carbon Ill, TV scientist (Nature of Things)
1908David Farrar, Forest Gate England, actor (Beat Girl, I Accuse)
1909C Dillon Douglas, Geneva Switz, US Secretary of Treasury (1961-65)
1909Jon William Jr Haussermann, composer
1912Bruce Trent, singer
1913Cornelius Johnson, LA Calif, high jumper (Olympic-gold-1936)
1913Diana Churchill, actress (Spider, Sally Bishop, Housemaster)
1913Victor Rosow, writer
1914Dallas Pratt, collector
1914Doug Wright, cricketer (England's leg-spinning genius of 30's & 40's)
1915Jack Weston, [Morris Weinstein], Cleveland, actor (4 Seasons, Rad)
1916William John Raff Hooper, cartoonist
1920Christopher R Milne, son of Alan A Milne (Winnie the Pooh)
1923Chris Schenkel, Biuppus Ind, sportscaster (Monday Night Fights)
1924Gerald D Lascelles, son of English princess Mary
1926Ben-Zion Orgad, composer
1927Wilhelm Jr Killmayer, composer
1928Gillian Sheen, England, foils (Olympic-gold-1956)
1928Zdenek Lukas, composer
1929Ahmed "Kathy" Kathrada, leader of S Afr Communist Party
1930Frank Perry, film director
1930Margaret Rose, princess of Engl (Sister of Queen Elizabeth) [or 4/21]
1931Gregg Smith, composer
1931Nancy Hadley, LA Calif, actress (Love That Jill, Joey Bishop Show)
1932Melvin Van Peebles, Chicago IL, actor/director (Sophisticated Gent)
1933Janet Baker, York England, mezzo-soprano (Owen Wingrave)
1935Ken Taylor, cricketer (England opening batsman three times 1959-64)
1936Mart Crowley, playwright (Boys in the Band)
1936Wilt Chamberlain, NBA great center (LA Laker, 5 time MVP)
1937Robert Stone, US writer (Who'll Stop the Rain, WUSA)
1938Kenny Rogers, singer (Through the Years)/actor (Coward of the County)
1939Clarence Williams III, NYC, actor (Mod Squad, 52 Pick Up, Purple Rain)
1939Harold W Reid, Augusta County Va, singer (Statler Bros-Class of '57)
1940Ana Isabel Anderson-Imbert, physician, rheumatologist
1940Robert Camac, horse trainer
1944Jackie DeShannon, Hazel Kentucky, singer (What the World Needs Now)
1944Peter Weir, Sydney Aust, director/writer (Witness, Dead Poets Society)
1945Patty McCormack, Bkln NY, actress (Mama, Peck's Bad Girl, Ropers)
1946Lev Alburt, USSR, International Chess Master (1976)
1947Carl Giammarese, Chicago Ill, rock guitarist (Buckinghams)
1948Taurean Blacque, actor (Hill Street Blues)
1951Bernhard Germeshausen, German DR, bobsled (Olympic-gold-1976, 80)
1951Harry Smith, Hammond Ind, TV co-anchor (CBS Morning Show)
1953Joe Strummer, vocals/guitarist (Clash-Rock the Casbah) [or 1/25/1955]
1954Archie Griffin, NFL runningback (won 2 Heisman Trophies, Ohio State)
1954Steve Smith, LA Calif, rock drummer (Journey)
1956Carol Charbonnier, LPGA golfer
1956Kim Cattrall, Liverpool England, actress (Mannequin, Star Trek VI)
1957Budgie, rock drummer (Slits, Siouxsie & the Banshees-Wild Thing)
1957Janice Thomas, WBL guard (NY Stars)
1957Kim Sledge, Phila, vocalist (Sister Sledge-We are Family)
1958Dom Mamzi, horse trainer
1959Anne Hobbs, England, tennis star
1959Bud Schultz, Meriden Conn, tennis star
1959Jim McMahon, NFL QB (Chicago Bears, SD Chargers, Phila Eagles)
1959Richard Zokol, Kitimat BC, Canadian Tour golfer (1982 BC Open)
1961Danny Sheaffer, Jacksonville FL, catcher (St Louis Cardinals)
1961Lance Earl Deal, Riverton Wyoming, hammer thrower (Olympics-silver-96)
1963Melvin Douglas, Topeka KS, 198 lbs/90 kg freestyle wrestler (Oly-96)
1965Jim Bullinger, New Orleans LA, pitcher (Chic Cubs)
1966John Wetteland, San Mateo CA, pitcher (NY Yanks, Rangers, Expos)
1967Michael Bendetti, actor (Officer Tony McCann-21 Jump Street)
1967Tuineau Alipate, NLF/WLAF linebacker (Frankfurt Galaxy, Minn Vikings)
1968Barbara Ann Moore, Spokane WA, playmate (Dec, 1992)
1968Shinichi Iwasaki, hockey goaltender (Team Japan 1998)
1969Andujar Cedeno, La Romana Dom Rep, infielder (Detroit Tigers)
1969Josee Chouinard, Rosemont Quebec, figure skater (Olymp-9th-1994)
1970Bill Roth, Yonkers NY, gymnast (Pan Am-gold-1995, Olympics-96)
1970Mark Hatfield, CFL guard (BC Lions)
1970Paulo Barrancos Guerra, Portugal, 10k runner
1970Steve Everitt, NFL center (Cleve Browns, Phila Eagles)
1971Shayne Edge, NFL/WLAF punter (Steelers, Barcelona Dragons)
1972Johnnie Harris, CFL linebacker (Toronto Argonauts)
1973Ben Mann, Australian baseball pitcher (Olympics-1996)
1973Ismael Valdes, Ciudad Victoria Mexico, pitcher (LA Dodgers)
1974Amy Fisher, Long Island NY, shot Mary Jo Buttafucco
1974Pietra Gay, WNBA guard/forward (Houston Comets)
1976Alicia Witt, actress (Cybill)
1979Aiesha Lee Hendrick, Miss New York Teen USA (1996)
1979Ashley Whitney, Nashville TN, 800m freestyle relay (Olympics-96)
1989Hayden Panettiere, actress (One Life to Live)

Deaths for yesterday in history Events  Birthdays
1131Boudouin II van Bourg, king of Jerusalem, dies
1190Godfried III, duke of Brabant (Grimbergse war), dies
1245Alexander van Hales, English scholar, dies
1516John III van Egmont, [Manke John], viceroy of Holland, dies at 78
1627Jacques Mauduit, composer, dies at 69
1629Camillo Procaccini, Italian painter/etcher, dies
1673Isaac Sweers, Dutch fleet admiral/Civil rights activist, dies at 51
1673John de Love I, vice-admiral, dies in sea battle at about 54
1723Dimitrie Cantemir, philosopher/monarch of Moldova 1710-11, dies at 49
1772Alessandro Felici, composer, dies at 29
1772Johann Andreas Joseph Giulini, composer, dies at 48
1785Jean B Pigalle, French sculptor (Child with Pigeon), dies
1798Corneille F de Nelis, Flemish scholar/bishop of Antwerp, dies at 62
1812Silverius Muller, composer, dies at 67
1824John Taylor, philosopher (Jeffersonian Democracy), dies at 70
1824Santiago Ferrer, composer, dies at 62
1838A v Chamisso, writer, dies at 57
1856Peter Joseph von Lindpaintner, composer, dies at 64
1864John Calhoun Sanders, Confederate brig-general, dies in battle at 24
1888Simon Vissering, Dutch minister of Finance (1879-81), dies at 70
1898Nicola van Westerhout, composer, dies at 40
1905Jules Oppert, German Assyriologist (decodes characters), dies at 80
1911W R Wister, cricketer (USA v Canada 1859), dies
1932Frederick Corder, composer, dies at 80
1935Josef Cyril Sychra, composer, dies at 76
1940Paul Juon, Russian/Swiss violinist/composer, dies at 68
1940Leon Trotsky, Russian revolutionary, icepicked by Frank Jackson at 62
1942Kiyoano Ichiki, Japanese colonel (WW II), dies
1943Henrik Pontoppidan, writer (Peter Gelukkige, Nobel 1917), dies at 86
1947Ettore Bugatti, Italian/French car manufacturer, dies
1949Gerhard von Keussler, composer, dies at 75
1951(Leonard) Constant Lambert, English composer (Rio Grande), dies at 45
1952Isaac Sadeh, leader of Jewish commando forces, dies
1958Stevan Hristic, composer, dies at 73
1958Walter Schumann, choral director (Ford Show), dies at 44
1963John Gunn, cricketer (England all-rounder in 6 Tests 1901-05), dies
1964Palmiro Togliatti, founder (Communist Italian Party)/min of Just, dies
1968Vladimir Boudnik, Czech sculptor, commits suicide at about 45
1970Timothy Mather Spelman, composer, dies at 79
1971George Jackson, US prisoner, shot to death at 29
1974Mascha Kaléko, writer, dies at 48
1976Ken James, cricketer (kept wicket for NZ in 11 Tests), dies
1977Octavus L "Octave" van Aerschot, actor (Scandal in Paris), dies at 87
1978Vinoo Mankad, cricketer (44 Tests for India, 2,109 runs), dies
1978Charles Eames, US chair manufacturer, dies at 71
1980Jack Cheetham, cricketer (15 Tests as S Afr capt, won 7 lost 5), dies
1981Hermann Schey, German/Neth singer, dies at 85
1982Sobhuza II, king of Swaziland/Ngwane (1921-82), dies
1983Benigno S Aquino Jr, Philippines opposition leader, killed at 50
1987Karl Bruck, entertainer, dies
1988Hans Gnther Adler, German writer, dies at 78
1990George Adamson, British conservationist (Born Free), murdered in Kenya
1991Wolfgang Hildesheimer, German/Swiss architect, dies
1991Richard Wilson, producer/writer/actor (Pay or Die), dies at 75
1991Oswald von Nell-Breuning, German theologist/philosopher, dies at 101
1992Lucille Brown, actress (Farina-Our Gang), dies after illness at 74
1992Theo van Tijn, Marxist/social-historian, dies at 65
1994Danitra Vance, comedienne (SNL), dies of breast cancer at 35
1994Hein Fentener van Vlissingen, eccentric millionaire, dies at 73
1995Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, physicist (Nobel-1983), dies at 84
1995Nanni Loy, film Director, dies at 69
1995Manfred Donike, chemist Drug Test pioneer, dies at 61
1995Len Martin, sports broadcaster, dies at 76
1995Ken Rickards, cricketer (104 runs at 34 66 for WI 1948-52), dies
1995James Truitte, dancer, dies at 72
1995Hilda Beatritz Guevara, daughter of Che Guevara, dies at 39
1995Anatole Fistoulari, conductor, dies at 88
1996Rosa Joyce Plesters Brommelie, conservation scientist, dies at 69
1996Sidney George Gray, company secretary, dies at 82
1997Misael Pastrana Borrero, Pres of Colombia (1970-74), dies

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