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Welcome to It's History! for yesterday, Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

Events for yesterday in history Birthdays  Deaths
0987 Louis IV, crowned king of France
1205 Pope Innocent III fires Adolf I as archbishop of Cologne
1269 King Louis IX of Frances decrees all Jews must wear a badge of shame
1286 Rabbenu Mir of Rothenbur imprisoned in fortress of Ensisheim
1369 Duke Philip the Stout marries Margaretha van Male
1464 French King Louis XI forms postal service
1502 Emperor Maximilian I & England sign treaty of Antwerp
1572 Garrison under Adrian van Swieten occupy Oudewater
1586 English colonists sailed from Roanoke Island NC
1588 Spanish Armada heavily destroyed in storm at Coru¤a
1621 Battle at Dragetsani: Turkish army beats Greece
1631 Peace of Cherasco: Charles de Gonzaga-Nevers becomes duke of Mantua
1669 Polish parliament selects Litouwer Michael Wisniopwiecki as king
1754 Albany Congress held by 7 British colonies & Iroquois indians
1770 General Church of New Jerusalem established
1778 Washington's troops finally leave Valley Forge
1825 Gioacchino Rossini's "Il viaggio a Reims," premieres
1829 Sir Robert Peel found London Metropolitan Police (Bobbies)
1835 New Orleans gives US govt Jackson Square to be used as a mint
1846 1st baseball game (Cartwright Rules)-NY Nines 23, Knickerbockers 1
1848 Elizabeth Stanton & Lucretia Mott open 1st women's rights convention
1850 Swedish/Norwegian crown prince Charles weds Dutch princess Wilhelmina
1861 Anaheim Post Office established
1861 Francis Pierpont is elected provisional governor of West Virginia
1862 Slavery outlawed in US territories
1863 Battle at Middleburg Virginia (100+ casualties)
1864 CSS "Alabama" sunk by USS "Kearsarge" off Cherbourg, France
1864 Skirmish at Pine Knob Georgia
1865 Siege of Richmond, VA
1865 Union Gen Granger declares slaves are free in Texas
1867 1st Belmont: J Gilpatrick aboard Ruthless wins in 3:05
1868 Maj Gen E R S Canby removes mayor of Columbia SC
1875 Formal opening of US Marine Hospital at Presidio
1881 Muhammad Ahmad becomes Mahdi of Sudan
1889 Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Man with the Twisted Lip"
1893 Lizzie Bordon acquitted
1894 28th Belmont: Willie Simms aboard Henry of Navarre wins in 1:56«
1910 1st airship in service "Germany"
1910 Father's Day celebrated for 1st time (Spokane, Wash)
1912 Tennessee University opened as Tennessee A & L State College
1914 54th British Golf Open: Harry Vardon shoots a 306 at Prestwick Club
1917 After WW I King George V ordered members of British royal family to dispense with German titles & surnames, they take the name Windsor
1921 Census in Great-Britain
1921 Turk & Christian of Palestine sign a friendship treaty against Jews
1922 Paavo Nurmi runs world record 5000m (14:28.2)
1923 "Moon Mullins," Comic Strip, debuts
1923 Baldwin-Mellon-agreement concerning Britain entering the war
1924 Paavo Nurmi runs world record 1500m (3:52.6)
1926 DeFord Bailey is 1st black to perform on Nashville's Grand Ole Opry
1931 1st photoelectric cell installed commercially West Haven Ct
1932 1st concert given in SF's Stern Grove
1932 Hailstones kill 200 in Hunan Province, China PR
1933 Austrian government-Dollfuss bans nazi-organizations
1934 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created
1936 Dutch Premier Colijn denies relation with German call-girl
1936 German boxer Max Schmeling World Champion KOs Joe Louis
1936 Joe McCarthy is named to manage AL All-Stars, rather than high-strung Mickey Cochrane, who is very close to a nervous breakdown
1937 Franco-troops conquer Bilbao Basques
1938 "Olympian Flyer" express train crashes in Montana, killing 47
1938 Italy beats Hungary 4-1 in soccer's 3rd World Cup at Paris
1938 Paul Waner (Pirates) homers off Pete Sivess (Phillies) in DH
1938 Reds Johnny Vander Meer extends his string of hitless innings to 21 2/3 before Debs Garms singles for Boston in 4th
1940 "Brenda Starr," 1st cartoon strip by a woman, appears in Chicago
1940 German 7th Armour division under gen-maj Rommel occupies Cherbourg
1940 Göring orders seizure of Dutch horses, car, buses & ships
1941 Cheerios Cereal invents an O-shaped cereal
1941 Romania orders Jews to evacuate Darabani
1941 US president Roosevelt signs Two Ocean Navy Expansion Act
1942 Paul Waner, is 7th to get 3,000 hits
1943 "Shiek Of Arahy" Spike Jones & City Slickers peaks at #19
1943 NFL's Phila Eagles & Pitts Steelers merge, (dissolves on Dec 5)
1943 Race riot in Beaumont Texas
1944 -20] Battle of Philippines Sea
1944 300 Japanese aircrafts shot down
1944 French troops free Elba
1944 Heavy air raid on US fleet at Guam "Turkey Shoot"
1944 Japanese troops conquer Changsha China
1946 1st TV sports spectacular-Joe Louis KOs Billy Conn
1947 1st plane (F-80) to exceed 600 mph (1004 kph)-Albert Boyd, Muroc Ca
1948 Panama & Costa Rica recognize Israel
1948 USSR blocks access road to West Berlin
1952 "I've Got A Secret" debuts on CBS-TV with Garry Moore as host
1952 Bkln Dodger Carl Erskine no-hits Chicago Cubs, 5-0
1953 Albert W Dent, elected president of Natl Health Council
1953 WCSC TV channel 5 in Charleston, SC (CBS) begins broadcasting
1953 WTPA (now WHTM) TV channel 27 in Harrisburg, PA (ABC) 1st broadcast
1954 54th US Golf Open: Ed Furgol shoots a 284 at Baltusrol GC in NJ
1954 Betty Jameson wins LPGA Western Golf Open
1954 Tasmanian Devil, debuts in "Devil May Hare" by Warner Bros
1955 55th US Golf Open: Jack Fleck shoots a 287 at Olympic CC in SF
1955 Mickey Mantle hits career HR # 100
1955 Phils beat Cubs 1-0 in 15, ties longest shut out in Phillies history
1956 Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin end partnership after 16 films
1959 Senate rejects Ike's appointment of Lewis Strauss for Sec of Comm
1960 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Cosmopolitan Golf Open
1960 Loretta Lynn records "Honky Tonk Girl"
1961 "Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)" by Coasters peaks at #23
1961 Charlie Finley, changes A's manager Joe Gordon (26-33) for Hank Bauer
1961 Kuwait declares independence from UK
1961 NY Yankee Roger Maris hits his 25th of 61 HRs
1961 US Supreme Court struck down a provision in Md's constitution requiring state office holders to believe in God
1963 2 Russian space missions return to Earth
1963 Charter members of Canadian Football Hall of Fame chosen
1963 Greek govt of Pipinolis forms
1963 Valentina Tereshkova 1st woman in space returns to Earth
1964 Bob Dylan completes UK tour
1964 Cambuur Leeuwarden BVO soccer team forms in Leeuwarden
1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964 passes 73-27
1965 Algerian coup under colonel Houari Boumédienne, pres Ben Bella fired
1965 KYW-AM in Cleveland Ohio returns call letters to Philadelphia
1966 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Milwaukee Jaycee Golf Open
1967 Muhammad Ali is convicted for refusing induction in US Army
1967 Paul McCartney admits on TV that he took LSD
1968 50,000 participate in Solidarity Day March of Poor People's Campaign
1969 State troopers ordered to Cairo Ill, to quell racial disturbances
1970 A Nikolayev & V Sevastyanov return after 18 days in Soyuz 9
1970 Conservatives win British parliamentary election
1970 Jim Bouton's controversial "Ball Four" is published
1970 Yanks Horace Clarke breaks up a no-hitter in the 9th for the 2nd of 3 times in 28 days
1971 Mayor declares state of emergency in Columbus Ga, racial disturbance
1972 -29] Hurricane Agnes, kills 118 in NY & Florida
1972 40,000 pilots strike against naval officer
1973 "Rocky Horror Picture Show," stage production opens in London
1973 Pete Rose & Willie Davis both get career hit # 2,000
1974 KC Royal Steve Busby 2nd no-hitter beats Milwaukee Brewers, 2-0
1974 Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) suspends constitution
1976 King Charles XVI Gustaf of Sweden marries Dutchess Silvia Sommerlath
1976 US Viking 1 goes into Martian orbit after 10-month flight from Earth
1977 77th US Golf Open: Hubert Green shoots a 278 at Southern Hills Tulsa
1977 Indians fire manager Frank Robinson & replace him with Jeff Torborg
1977 Judy Rankin wins LPGA Mayflower Golf Classic
1977 Pope Paul VI makes 19th-cen bishop John Neumann 1st US male saint
1977 Red Sox set 3 game record of 16 HRs, all against Yanks
1978 "Best Little Whorehouse..." opens at 46th St NYC for 1577 perfs
1978 Garfield, created by Jim Davis, 1st appears as a comic strip
1978 Ian Botham takes 8-34 v Pakistan, his best Test cricket bowling
1979 In NY 36,211 show up to witness return of Billy Martin as Yank mgr
1979 Mali's constitution goes into effect
1980 Battle between police & demonstrators in Capetown, 34 killed
1981 Boeing commercial Chinook 2-rotor helicopter is certified
1981 European Space Agency's Ariane carries 2 satellites into orbit
1981 Heaviest known orange (2.5 kg) exhibited, Nelspruit, S Africa
1981 India's APPLE satellite, 1st to be stabilized on 3 axes, launched
1983 "Octopussy" premieres in US
1983 Jan Stephenson wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
1984 "Weird Al" Yankovic gives free live performance at Del Mar Fair
1984 1st live TV appearance by Chief Justice Warren Burger (Nightline)
1985 Reggie Jackson hits his 513th HR to move into 10th place
1986 Argentina beats West Germany 3-2 in soccer's 13th World Cup
1987 ETA bomb attack in Barcelona, 15 killed
1987 Geffen records sign their 1st artist (Donna Summer)
1987 Supreme Court rules school teaching evolution need not teach creation
1987 Wee Willie Keeler's 44 game hitting streak ends
1987 Ben & Jerry Ice Cream & Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia announce new Ice Cream flavor, Cherry Garcia
1988 88th US Golf Open: Curtis Strange shoots a 278 at Country Club Mass
1988 Coup in Haiti
1988 Danny Spitz, heavy metal artist (Anthrax), weds Valerie
1988 Namphy takes control of Haitian govt
1988 Shirley Furlong wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
1988 World's Largest Sausage completed at 13 1/8 miles long
1988 32 divers finish cycling underwater on a standard tricycle,to complete 116.66 mi in 75 hrs 20 mins
1989 Mets Dwight Gooden wins his 100th game (100-37)
1990 Gary Carter catches his 1,862nd career game breaks Al Lopez's NL mark
1991 2 of Mia Farrow's daughters arrested for shoplifting lingerie
1991 Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar surrenders to police
1991 NY Yankee Steve Howe records his 1st major league save since 1987
1992 "Batman Returns," opens
1992 Evander Holyfield beats Larry Holmes in 12 for heavywgt boxing title
1992 Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa is shot twice in NYC
1992 Inkhata-blood bath in Boipatong South-Africa
1992 NY Yankees 1st game in Baltimore Oriole's Camden Yards
1993 Boon completes 15th Test cricket century, 164* v England at Lord's
1993 Mandy Smith (Bill Wyman's ex-wife) weds Pat van den Hauwe
1994 "Sally Marrand Her Escorts" closes at Helen Hayes NYC after 50 perfs
1994 "She Loves Me" closes at Atkinson Theater NYC after 294 performances
1994 "Twilight - Los Angeles 1992" closes at Cort NYC after 72 perfs
1994 94th US Golf Open: Ernie Els shoots a 279 at Oakmont CC in Oakmont Pa
1994 Ernesto Samper elected president of Colombia
1994 Lisa Kiggens wins LPGA Rochester International Golf Tournament
1994 Tigers tie record of hitting HRs in 25th consecutive games
1995 NY Yankees announce agreement with Darryl Strawberry
1997 "Forever Tango!," opens at Walter Kerr Theater NYC
Birthdays for yesterday in history Events  Deaths
1566James I Stuart, king of Scotland (James VI)/England (1567/1603-25)
1595Wladyslaw IV Vasa, king of Poland (1632-48)
1608Thomas Fuller, England, literary (History of the Holy War)
1613Christian de Placker, composer
1623Blaise Pascal, mathematician/physicist/religious writer (Pascal)
1633Philippus van Limborch, remonstrants theologist/vicar
1708Johann Gottlieb Janitsch, composer
1717Johann Wenzel Anton Stamitz, composer
1741Reinier Vinkeles, Dutch engraver/art collector
1749Jean-Marie Collot d'Herbois, France, chairman (National Convention)
1764John Barrow, England, founded Royal Geographical Society
1764José Gervasio Artigas, general/father of Uruguay
1766Edmund Weber, composer
1782Hugues F R de Lamennais, French priest/writer (L'avenir)
1782John Bray, composer
1783Thomas Sully, US portrait painter (Queen Victoria)
1790John Gibson, British (?) sculptor
1792Gustav Schwab, writer
1810Ferdinand David, violist/compser (Hohe Schule des Violinspiels)
1811Henry Prince, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1892
1814Johannes H Weissenbruch, landscape painter
1815John William Glover, composer
1834Edgar H G Degas, French painter (ballerina)
1842Carl Johann Adam Zeller, composer
1843Charles Edouard Lefebvre, composer
1854Alfredo Catalani, composer
1856Elbert Hubbard, US, editor/publisher/author (Message to Garcia)
1858Charles Haddon George Alexander, [George Samson], British actor
1858Dirk Fock, governor-general of Neth Indies (1921-26)
1861Douglas Haig, British fieldmarshal (Sudan, WW I)
1861José Protasio Rizal, Philippine optician/author/nationalist
1865Alfred Hugenberg, German RC pres-dir of Krupp/media magnate
1865May Whitty, Liverpool England, actress (Mrs Minerva, Suspicion)
1867Eduard Jacobs, Dutch cabaret artist
1867Frank Iredale, cricketer (Australian batsman 1894-99)
1868Heinrich Schenker, [A Niloff], Austrian musicologist (Urlinie)
1877Charles Coburn, Macon Ga, actor (Acad-1943, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
1878James M Kilroe, priest of St Mary Star of the Sea, in the Bronx
1880Johann Sigurjonsson, Icelandic writer (Dr Rung)
1885Stevan Hristic, composer
1886Duchess of Windsor, divorcee
1886Robert Herberigs, Flemish composer/writer (Hiawatha's Song)
1889Enrico Celio, president (Switzerland)
1890Barbara Everest, London England, actress (Fatal Witness, Inquest)
1893Adriaan F Dussenbroek, Dutch family dr/co-founder (Union Natl Arubano)
1896Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, divorcee
1897Moe Howard, [Moses Horowitz], Bkln NY, comedian (3 Stooges)
1898Paul Muller-Zurich, composer
1899George Calinescu, Romania, literature (Enigma Otilei)
1900Laura Hobson, NYC, TV writer/panelist (I've Got a Secret)
1901Edward Lambert, British diplomat
1902Guy Lombardo, London Ontario Canada, orch leader (Auld Lang Syne)
1903Walter Hammond, cricketer (one of the greatest of English batsman)
1903[Henry] Lou[is] Gehrig, "Iron Horse", 1st baseman (NY Yankees)
1904Balis Dvarionas, composer
1905George Voskovec, Czech, actor (Fred-Nero Wolfe, Peter-Skag)
1905Taneli Kuusisto, composer
1908Mildred Natwick, Balt Md, actress (She Wore a Yellow Ribbon)
1908Quentin N Burdick, (Sen-D-ND, 1960-91)
1909Edwin Gerschefski, composer
1909Osamu Dazai, Japan, novelist (Tsugaru, No Longer Human)
1910Frederick Harry Baines, painter
1912Jerry Jerome, Bkln NY, saxophonist (Words & Music)
1912Martin Gabel, Phila, TV host (With this Ring)
1914Alan Cranston, (Sen-D-CA, 1969- )
1914Harry Lauter, White Plains NY, actor (Waterfront)
1914Lester Flatt, Earl Scrugg's partner (Beverly Hillbillies theme)
1914Morgan Morgan-Giles, Brits Lt admiral/MP
1916Pat Buttram, actor (Mr Haney-Green Acres)
1917Joshua Nkomo, Zimbabwan minister (ZAPUA)
1918Evelle Jansen Younger, prosecutor (Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan)
1919Louis Jourdan, Marseilles France, actor (Gigi, Can-Can, Madame Bovary)
1919Pauline Kael, movie critic (NY Times, For Keeps)
1921Allan Davis, (mayor-London)
1921Herman Berserik, Dutch painter/graphic artist
1921Howell T Heflin, (Sen-D-Alabama, 1979- )
1921Rosalyn Yalow, famed award winning medical physicist
1922Aage Neals Bohr, Denmark, physicist/study atomic nucleus (Nobel 1975)
1924David Scott, priest
1924Leo Nomellini, NFL defensive tackle (SF 49ers)
1924Wassil Bykau, writer
1925Alfred B Nzo, South African sec-gen ANC (1969- )
1925Charlie Drake, British comic (Plank, Rhubarb Rhubarb, Splish Splash)
1927Karel Kupka, composer
1928Nancy Marchand, Buffalo NY, actress (Beacon Hill, Margaret-Lou Grant)
1928Raymond Powell, British MP
1930Bryan Kneale, British sculptor
1930Jul Levi, composer
1931"Against Iain" duke of Atholl, English large landowner
1932Marisa Pavan, Cagliari Italy, actress (Solomon & Sheba, Rose Tattoo)
1932Pier Angeli, Italy (Sodom & Gomorrah, Vintage, Battle of the Bulge)
1933Thelma Barlow, English actress (Mavis-Coronation Street)
1933Viktor Ivanovich Patsayev, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11)
1934Gena Rowlands, Cambria Wisc, actress (Gloria, Tempest, Brinks Job)
1934Hammond Furlonge, cricketer (WI batsman in 3 Tests 1955-56)
1934Terence Clark, British diplomat
1935Tommy Devito, Montclair NJ, rock vocalist (Four Seasons-Sherry)
1936Shirley Goodman, US R&B singers (Shirley & Lee-Feels so Good)
1938Charles Gwathmey, architect (5 Architects)
1938John Sheil, Northern Irish High Court judge
1939Peter Duffell, Brits lt-general/minister of Defense
1940Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney, drag racer (1st woman Top Fuel champ)
1941Marlene Warfield, Queens NY, actress (Victoria-Maude)
1942Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane, rocker (Spanky & Our Gang-Lazy Day)
1942Jos Brink, Dutch TV host (Op Zoek)
1942Neil Chalmers, director (National History Museum, London)
1942Robert [Bob] W Kasten Jr, (Sen-R-WI, 1981- )
1945Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese politician (Nobel)
1945Tim Hovey, LA Calif, actor (Queen Bee, Toy Tiger, Man Afraid)
1945Tobias Wolff, US writer (This Boy's Life)
1947James T Walsh, (Rep-R-NY)
1947Phylicia Ayers-Allen Rashad, Houston, actress (Clair-Bill Cosby)
1947Salman Rushdie, Pak, novelist (Midnight's Children, Satanic Verses)
1948Dervin Gordon, rocker
1949[Mary] Kathleen Turner, Springfield Mo, actress (Romancing The Stone)
1950Constance Forslund, San Diego Calif, actress (Shining Season)
1951Ann Wilson, San Diego Calif, rock vocalist (Heart-What About Love)
1951Daria Nicolodi, Florence Italy, actress (Terror, Shock)
1952Robert Ainsworth, British MP
1953Larry Dunn, [Dunhill], US keyboardist (Earth Wind & Fire)
1954Jim Cooper, (Rep-D-TN, 1983- )
1954Michael O'Brien, British MP
1957David Gleeson, Norfolk England, US, rower (Olympics-1996)
1959Kimberley Leston, journalist
1959Mark DeBarge, Grand Rapids Mich, rock vocalist (DeBarge-Who's Johnny)
1960Heike Walpot, German, cosmonaut
1960Johnny Lee Gray, Jr, LA Calif, 800m runner (Olympics-7th-1996)
1960Patti Rizzo, Hollywood Fla, golfer (Mexican Amateur champion 1980)
1960Simon Wright, heavy metal drummer (AC/DC)
1962Ken Tohill, jockey
1962Paula Julie Abdul, Van Nuys Calif, singer/choreographer (Straight Up)
1962Phillip Hatchett, Russellville Ky, Canadian Tour golfer (1991 Quebec)
1962Sid Fenech, jockey
1964David Freedman, cricketer (NSW left-arm Chinese bowler since 1990)
1965Karen Davies, Wrexham N Wales, golfer (1991 PING-Cellular One-6th)
1967Eric Schweig, Inuvik Canada, actor (Dead Man's Walk)
1968Jud Buechler, NBA guard/forward (Chicago Bulls)
1970Chris Gray, NFL guard (Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears)
1970Claire Mitchell-Taverner, Australian field hockey midfielder (Oly-96)
1970Leonard Humphries, CFL cornerback (BC Lions)
1970Quincy Dushawn Watts, Detroit Mich, 400m runner
1970Scott Brumfield, guard (Cincinnati Bengals)
1972Andre Strode, CFL defensive back (BC Lions)
1972Anna Van der Kamp, Abbotsford BC, rower (Olympics-96)
1972Millard Coleman, CFL receiver (Montreal Alouettes)
1973Arne van de Berg, soccer player (Willem II)
1973Jahine Arnold, wide receiver (Pittsburgh Steelers)
1973Josie Davis, actress (Charles in Charge) [or Jan 16]
1975Anna Valle, Miss Universe-Italy (1996)
1975Anthony Parker, NBA guard (Phila 76ers)
1975Brandon Mitchell, defensive end (New England Patriots)
1976Darnell Autry, running back (Chicago Bears)
1978Garfield the Cat, animated character "Big fat hairy deal"
1979Soni Meduna, Omaha Neb, gymnast (alt-Olympics-96)
1980Amy Merrill, Miss Utah Teen USA (1997)
1984Emil Coleman, orchestra leader (Arthur Murray Party)
Deaths for yesterday in history Events  Birthdays
1113Odo/Odardus van Kamerijk, French writer/bishop of Kamerijk, dies
1312Piers Gaveston, earl of Cornwall, beheaded
1341Juliana van Falconieri, Italian saint/Swedish tenor, dies
1542Leo Jud[ae], Swiss pastor/church reformer
1554Sixt[us] Birck [Xystus Betulius], German writer (Judith), dies at 53
1652Louis de Geer, Neth/Swedish industrialist/millionaire, dies at 64
1730Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, composer, dies at 49
1747Nadir, shah of Persia (1736-47), murdered
1747Alessandro Marcello, composer, dies at 77
1759Charles-Joseph-Balthazar Sohier, composer, dies at 31
1762Johann Ernst Eberlin, composer, dies at 60
1787John Brown, (British?) theologist, dies
1794Richard H Lee, US farmer (signed Decl of Independence), dies at 62
1811Samuel Chase, US judge (signed Declar of Independence), dies at 70
1820Joseph Banks, English natural historian (Cook/Australia), dies
1822John Bray, composer, dies on 40th birthday
1837Aleksander A Bestoezjev-Marlinsky, Russian writer, dies in battle
1840John Cockerill, English/Belgian industrial/orangist, dies at 50
1864George Lincoln Prescott, US Union brig-gen, dies of injuries
1867Maximilian F J, Austrian arch duke/Emperor of Mexico, dies
1902John E E Dalberg baron van Acton, English historian, dies at 69
1915Sergey Ivanovich Taneyev, Russian composer (Oresteia), dies at 58
1921Ramón López Velarde, Mexican poet (La Sangre Devota), dies at 33
1922Johannes C Kapteyn, Dutch astronomer, dies at 71
1932Solomon Tshkisho Platje, South African writer, dies
1936John Sharpe, cricketer (1-eyed fast bowler for England 1891-92), dies
1937James M Barrie, Scottish writer (Dear Brutus/Peter Pan), dies
1939Grace Abbott, social worker (US Children Bureau), dies at 60
1940Aurélien FM Lugné-Poe, French actor (Pirouette), dies at 70
1940Maurice Jaubert, composer, dies at 40
1944Bill Bradley, cricketer (bowled for England in two Tests 1899), dies
1944Han Yong-woon, Zen teacher, dies in Seoul County, Korea at 65
1947Willem H Fly, typographer/co-founder (SDAP), dies at 84
1953Ethel Rosenberg, executed at Sing Sing, in 5 tries
1953Julius Rosenberg, NYC, 1st US civilian executed for espionage at 37
1956Lulu [Luise] Strauss und Torney, German poet/writer, dies at 82
1962Frank Borzage, US, director (7th Heaven, Strange Cargo), dies at 69
1965James B Collip, Canadian bio-chemist (insulin), dies at 72
1966Ed Wynn, comedian (Ed Wynn Show), dies at 79
1966Marjan Kozina, composer, dies at 59
1973Roger Delgado, actor (Adv's of Sir Francis Drake, Dr Who), dies at 55
1982John Cheever, US writer (Wapshot Chronicle, Pulitzer), dies at 70
1984Lee Krasner Pollock, US painter, dies at 75
1984Wladimir Rudolfovich Vogel, composer, dies at 88
1986Coluche, [Michel Colucci], French comic, dies at 41
1986Len Bias, 1st pick of Celtics, suffers fatal cocaine-induced seizure
1986Murray P Haydon, artificial heart recipient, dies in Louisville at 59
1988Zdenek Blazek, composer, dies at 83
1989Isidore Feinstein Stone, author (I F Stone's Weekly), dies at 81
1989Hy Gardner, newspaper columnist, dies at 80
1991Jean Arthur [Gladys Greene], US actress (Shane), dies
1992Kitty McKane Godfree, Tennis champ (Wimbledon 1924, 26), dies at 96
1993William Golding, author (Lord of the Flies, Nobel 1983), dies at 81
1994Christopher Clarkson, test Pilot, dies at 92
1994Jocelyn Olaf Hambro, financier, dies at 75
1994Ronald Batty, bookseller, dies at 82
1995Richard Bernard Pape, POW escaper/writer, dies at 79
1995Murray Dickie, opera singer/director, dies at 71
1995Al Hansen, artist, dies at 67
1996Alan Ande Anderson, opera director, dies at 78
1996David Schine, businessman, dies at 70
1996Harold William Woolhouse, plant scientist, dies at 63
1996Henry Ralph Carr, soldier, dies at 82
1996Vivian Ellis, composer, dies at 91
1997Bobby Helms, singer (Jingle Bell Rock), dies at 63

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