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The government wants to ban sales to minors and require health warning labels. . . . more from Associated Press
TOKYO (AP) — Warning Russia that new economic sanctions are "teed up," President Barack Obama accused Moscow of failing to live up to an agreement last week to ease tensions in eastern Ukraine. . . . more from Associated Press
Court says inmates are not entitled to know source of drugs that will be used to kill them. . . . more from Associated Press
< . . . more from
CLEVELAND (AP) — Attorneys for two women held in a Cleveland home and abused for a decade say Joan Rivers should apologize for comparing living in her daughter&#039;s guest room with the captivity they experienced. . . . more from Associated Press
By Keith Weir MUNICH (Reuters) - Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone goes on trial for bribery in Germany on Thursday in a case that could see the Briton&#039;s long dominance of the motor sport ended by a jail sentence. Prosecutors in Munich have charged Ecclestone, 83, with bribing jailed German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky to smooth the sale eight years ago of a stake in Formula One to private equity firm CVC. Ecclestone, a former used car salesman who became a billionaire by building the sport into a global money spinner over the past four decades, denies wrongdoing and says he will fight to clear his name. CVC remains the largest shareholder in Formula One, a business that generates annual revenues of over $1.5 billion from its series of grand prix races held around the world. . . . more from Reuters
Wed, 23 Apr 2014 16:28:38 -0400
Social media wunderkind quits post after Putin cronies stage ownership takeover. . . . more from Associated Press
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Tongan Crip gang defendant who was fatally shot by a U.S. marshal while attacking a witness during a federal court trial had promised a judge earlier that he would behave, a court transcript shows. . . . more from Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The first images of the newly discovered wreckage of a steamship that sank in San Francisco Bay in 1888, killing 16 people, were released Wednesday by federal ocean scientists. . . . more from Associated Press
Part bumbling, part dead serious, the sprawling jailhouse plot to kidnap a North Carolina prosecutor who put a seasoned gang member in prison for life has shaken a US justice system already enduring a slew of deadly attacks. A federal indictment released Tuesday details a complex plot said to be orchestrated by Kelvin “Dizzy” Melton, a North Carolina prison inmate and alleged higher-up in the Bloods street gang, to pay $10,000 to a group of henchmen on the outside to kidnap and kill his defense attorney and the prosecutor who put him in prison for a 2011 murder.  The plot led the group of nine accomplices first on a goose chase in March from Atlanta to New Orleans, and then to the small town of Wake Forest, N.C., where the group on April 5 grabbed Frank Janssen, the father of Wake County prosecutor Colleen Janssen, after stun-gunning him on the threshold of his home. Ms. Janssen, the actual target, was part of the team that put Mr. Melton away last year. . . . more from Christian Science Monitor
Pakistan has long enjoyed close ties to Gulf Arab sheiks, but a prince&#039;s recent shooting spree that culled more than 2,000 rare birds from the country&#039;s preserves have stirred outrage in the country, following a $1.5 billion Saudi &quot;gift&quot; to the country&#039;s ailing economy. . . . more from
Wed, 23 Apr 2014 14:57:25 -0400
Supreme Court says man found with pictures not responsible for entirety of woman&#039;s losses. . . . more from Associated Press
Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday confirmed they are detaining a U.S. journalist working with Vice News. The self-declared separatist mayor of Slaviansk told reporters the journalist, Simon Ostrovsky, had been detained for reporting what he said was false information that was &quot;destabilizing for us&quot; but that he was being treated well. Mayor Vyacheslav Ponomaryov attempted to joke about the situation. Vice News has said on its website that it is in contact with the U.S. State Department and other government authorities to work toward securing the safety of its journalist. . . . more from Reuters
HAVANA (AP) — Conrado Marrero, the diminutive Cuban right-hander who pitched for the Washington Senators in the 1950s and in 2011 became the oldest living former Major League Baseball player, died in Havana on Wednesday. He was 102, just two days short of his 103rd birthday. . . . more from Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) — The brother-in-law of the Prince of Wales died Wednesday after falling outside a hotel bar and suffering a head injury, police said. . . . more from Associated Press
Wed, 23 Apr 2014 12:23:35 -0400
New program focused on thousands of clemency petitions from nonviolent federal inmates. . . . more from
But for two special guests at Sukiyabashi Jiro on Wednesday evening, mouthfuls of melt-in-the-mouth tuna, squid, and octopus were the culinary backdrop to discussing urgent matters of regional security. Soon after Air Force One touched down here, Barack Obama found himself in Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza district, tucked behind the counter of arguably the world’s best sushi restaurant with his Japanese host, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Sukiyabashi Jiro’s modest size – it has just 10 seats – is inversely proportionate to its reputation. The 19-piece special course, featuring a selection chosen by owner Jiro Ono, costs around $300, not including drinks. . . . more from Christian Science Monitor
Tue, 22 Apr 2014 11:19:37 -0400
Unisphere, symbol of the New York World&#039;s Fair which opens on April 22, dominates this low-level shot of the fairgrounds, shown April 20, 1964 in the Queens borough of New York. (AP Photo) . . . more from
Kansas judge grants Bradley Edward Manning&#039;s request to become Chelsea Elizabeth Manning. . . . more from Associated Press
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Spacewalking astronauts easily replaced a dead computer outside the International Space Station on Wednesday and got their orbiting home back up to full strength. . . . more from Associated Press

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