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1163 Hurricane hits villages in Holland/Friesland, causing floods
1561 Archbishop Granvelle installed
1582 Flanders adopts Gregorian calendar, tomorrow is Jan 1 1583
1620 103 Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock [OS=Dec 11]
1650 Johan de Witt installed as Dutch pension advisor of Dordrecht
1688 Pro-James II-earl of Devonshire occupies Nottingham
1762 James Cook marries Elizabeth Batts
1784 John Jay becomes 1st US secretary of state (foreign affairs)
1788 Hue Tay Son becomes emperor Quang Trung of Vietnam
1829 1st stone arch railroad bridge in US dedicated, Baltimore
1835 HMS Beagle sails into Bay of Islands (New Zealand)
1849 1st US skating club formed (Phila)
1864 Gen Sherman conquers Savannah
1866 Cheyennes, Arapho's, Sioux, Fetterman Massacre
1890 Pim Mulier 1st & only trip to "Alvesteddetocht"
1891 18 students play 1st basketball game (Springfield College)
1898 Scientists Pierre & Marie Curie discovers radium
1900 Gerhart Hauptmann's "Michael Kramer," premieres in Berlin
1907 Dutch govt of De Master falls due to war budget
1909 1st junior high school established (Berkeley Calif)
1909 Clyde Fitch' "City," premieres in NYC
1909 U of Coopenhagen rejects Cook's claim that he was 1st to North Pole
1910 Explosion in coal mine in Hulton England, 344 mine workers dies
1912 Denmark, Norway & Sweden declare neutrality in Comende war
1913 1st crossword puzzle (with 32 clues) printed in NY World
1914 "Tillie's Punctured Romance," 1st six-reel feature comedy debuts
1914 1st feature-length silent film comedy, "Tillie's Punctured Romance" released. (Marie Dressler, Mabel Normand & Charles Chaplin)
1915 10.17" (25.83 cm) of rainfall, Glenora, Oregon (state record)
1918 Red Sox trade Dutch Leonard, Ernie Shore & Duffy Lewis to Yankees for Ray Caldwell & Slim Love, Frank Gilhooey, Al Walters & $15,000
1919 J Edgar Hoover deports anarchists/feminist Emma Goldman to Russia
1920 Jerome Kern/BG DeSylva's musical "Sally," premieres in NYC
1921 Supreme Court rules labor injunctions & picketing unconstitutional
1923 Nepal changes from British protectorate to independent nation
1925 Eisenstein's movie Potemkin premieres in Moscow
1925 Stork Hendry scores 325 for Victoria against NZ
1926 Soccer team DOS Struggle forms
1929 1st group hospital insurance plan offered (Dallas Tx)
1932 Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, 1st joint movie (Flying Down to Rio)
1932 Giants sign former outfielder Billy Southworth as a coach
1933 Dried human blood serum 1st prepared, Univ of Pennsylvania
1933 Fox signs Shirley Temple, 5, to a studio contract
1933 Newfoundland reverts to being a crown colony
1936 Bradman's 2nd consecutive Test Cricket duck! Australia all out 80
1937 1st feature-length color & sound cartoon premieres (Snow White)
1937 O'Reilly completes 14-98 for cricket match, NSW v South Aust
1939 Hitler named Adolf Eichmann leader of "Referat IV B"
1941 Chicago Bears Ray McLean makes last NFL drop kick for an extra point
1941 Chicago bears win the NFL championship
1941 David Diamond's 1st Symphony, premieres
1941 German submarine U-567 sinks
1941 Last NFL drop kick for an extra point (Ray McLean, Chicago Bears)
1942 US Supreme court declares Nevada separation legal
1944 Cards' Marty Marion wins NL MVP
1945 "Billion Dollar Baby" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 219 performances
1945 Gould/Comden/Green's "Billion Dollar Baby," premieres in NYC
1946 "If the Shoe Fits" closes at Century Theater NYC after 20 performances
1946 Earthquake in South Japan, kills 1,086
1946 Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life," premieres
1946 Morton Gould's "Minstrel Show," premieres in Indianapolis
1948 O'Neil Place in the Bronx erronously renamed O'Neill Place
1948 State of Eire (formerly Irish Free State) declares its independence
1949 Dutch 1st Chamber accept soeveregnty of Indonesia
1950 "Out of This World" opens at New Century Theater NYC for 157 perfs
1950 Cole Porter's musical "Out of this World," premieres in NYC
1951 Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement
1952 Broadway Tunnel opens in SF
1952 WSBT TV channel 22 in South Bend, IN (CBS) begins broadcasting
1953 KOMU TV channel 8 in Columbia, MO (NBC/PBS) begins broadcasting
1954 Dr Sam Sheppard's wife Marilyn is murdered (he is accused of crime)
1957 Indonesia proclaims end to state of war
1958 Charles De Gaulle wins 7 year term as 1st pres of 5th Rep of France
1959 10th largest snowfall in NYC history (13.7")
1959 Citizens of Deerfield Ill block building of interracial housing
1959 Shah of Persia marries Farah Diba
1959 Tom Landry accepts coaching job with Dallas Cowboys (stays until 1988)
1961 Beatles record "Sweet Georgia Brown" & "Ready Teddy"
1961 JFK & British PM MacMillan meet in Bermuda
1962 Angolin leaves Comecon
1962 US & Cuba accord, releases bay of pigs captive
1966 USSR launches Luna 13; soft-landed in Oceanus Procellarum
1968 Apollo 8 (Borman, Lovell & Anders) 1st manned Moon voyage
1968 David Crosby, Stephen Stills & Graham Nash premiere together in Calif
1969 Diana Ross final TV appearance as a Supreme (Ed Sullivan Show)
1969 Vince Lombardi (Redskins) coaches his last football game, losing
1970 WUTV TV channel 29 in Buffalo, NY (IND) begins broadcasting
1971 UN Security Council chooses Kurt Waldheim as 4th secretary General
1972 Soviet Union signs a separate peace with East Germany
1973 Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, US & USSR meet in Geneva
1975 "Hello, Dolly" closes at Minskoff Theater NYC after 51 performances
1975 "Very Good Eddie" opens at Booth Theater NYC for 307 performances
1975 1st NY Jet to gain 1,000 yards rushing (John Riggins)
1975 64th Davis Cup: Sweden beats Czechoslovakia in Stockholm (3-2)
1975 Madagascar adopts constitution
1975 Buffalo Sabres set NHL record of 40 points beating Caps 14-2 scoring 5 goals vs Washington Caps in 4:57
1976 20th Islander shut-out opponent-Billy Smith 3-0 vs Bruins
1976 Patricia R Harris named secretary of HUD
1976 UN General Assembly passes a resolution declaring 1979-Year of Child
1976 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1978 "Broadway Musical" opens/closes at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC
1978 Police in Des Plaines Ill, arrest John Wayne Gacy Jr for murder
1979 Gary Unger plays in record 914th consecutive NHL game
1979 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1979 Zimbabwe adopts constitution
1980 Harold Carmichael ends NFL streak of 127 consecutive game receptions
1981 Cincinnati beats Bradley 75-73 in 7 OTs (NCAA record)
1983 "Tap Dance Kid" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 669 performances
1983 Loretta Swit weds Dennis Holahan
1983 Musical "Tap Dance Kid" with H Battle premieres in NYC
1983 NBA Indiana Pacers end a 28 game road losing streak
1983 NCAA rules rescinded last 2-minute men's basketball free throw rule
1984 Islander Kelly Hrudy's 1st shut-out win-Whalers 1-0
1984 USSR launches Vega 2 for fly-by of Halley's Come
1985 ARCO Anchorage runs aground near Port Angeles, WA
1985 Alice Miller/Don January wins LPGA Mazda Golf Championship
1985 Heart's "Heart," album goes #1
1986 75th Davis Cup: Australia beats Sweden in Melbourne (3-2)
1986 Amy Alcott/Bob Charles wins LPGA Mazda Golf Championship
1987 3 white NY teens convicted of manslaughter in death of a black man
1987 Soyuz TM-4 launches 3 cosmonauts to space station Mir
1987 Vladimir Titov & Musa Manarov launched
1988 Drexel agrees guilt to security felonies, pays a $650 million fine
1988 NY bound Pan Am jumbo jet explodes over Scotland all 258 aboard die
1988 Vladimir Titov & Musa Manarov return to earth (a year) with Chretien
1989 Romania's dictator Nicolae Ceausescu's final speech (executed 12/25)
1989 VP Quayle sends out 30,000 Xmas cards with word beacon spelled beakon
1990 Steve & Mark Waugh complete 464* partnership for NSW v WA
1991 95 share in Madrid Spain $1.3 billion lottery (#47996)
1991 El Sayid Nosair acquitted of killing Meir Kahane
1991 US actress Jane Fonda marries CNN-director Ted Turner
1991 Soviet Union formally dissolves 11 of 12 republics sign treaty forming Commonwealth of Independent States
1992 Dutch DC-10 in fire at landing on Faro Portugal, 56 die
1994 Bomb goes off on #4 train on Fulton Street NYC
1995 Martina Ertl of Germany wins her 3rd giant slalom world cup
1995 SF Giants announce plans to build a new stadium to open in 2000
1996 Pakistan all out 67 to lose to Tasmania by an inning
1997 Detroit Lions Barry Sanders is 3rd to run for 2,000 yards in a season
1997 Detroit Lions linebacker Reggie Brown, knocked unconscious in game
1997 Lexus Senior Golf Challenge
1997 Wendy's Three-Tour Senior Golf Challenges
1997 Wendy's Three-Tour LPGA Challenge

Famous birthdays for this day Events  Deaths

1117Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury
1518Mark van Vaernewijck, Flemish nobleman/politician
1537Johan III, king of Sweden (1569-92)
1573Mathurin Régnier, French poet (Macette)
1616Pietro Andrea Ziani, composer
1628Samuel Friedrich Capricornus, composer
1639Jean Racin, writer
1728Hermann Friedrich Raupach, composer
1756Thomas Anton Kunz, composer
1800Barnwell Rhett Robert, (Confederacy), died in 1876
1804Benjamin Disraeli, (Tory) British PM (1868, 1874-80)
1810Ludwig Schuncke, composer
1815Thomas Couture, French painter/author
1818Amalia, wife of king Otto of Greece
1818Lewis H Morgan, US, etnologist (Systems of Consanguinity)
1823Jean Henri Fabre, France, entomologist (insects & spiders)
1826Ernst Pauer, composer
1832John Henry Ketcham, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1906
1840Mehmed N Kemal, Turkish journalist (Vatan)
1848Edward Everett Rice, composer
1849James Lane Allen, US writer (Kentucky Cardinal)
1850Zdenek Fibich, composer
1853Isolde Kurz, German writer/poetess (Meine Mutter)
1859Gustave Kahn, France, poet (claimed to have invented vers libre)
1860Henrietta Szold, founder (Hadassah)
1867John Winter Thompson, composer
1872Albert P Terhune, US, novelist (Lad, a Dog)
1874Juan Bautista Sacasa, pres of Nicaragua (1932-36)
1879Joseph Stalin, [Dzoegashvili], Russian dictator; murdered 11,000,000
1879Theodore Limperg, business economist (substitute value)
1886George Norman Peterkin, composer
1886Hermann A J Kees, German Egyptologist (Problems of Egyptology)
1890Fred M Vinson, US Supreme Court Justice (1946-53)
1891John W McCormack, (D) Speaker of House (1962-70)
1892Rebecca West, [Cicily I F Andrews], Engl author (Meaning of Treason)
1892Walter Hagen, Rochester NY, PGA golfer (US Open 1914, 19)
1895Paul Hoffer, composer
1896Carl Romme, Dutch catholic foreman/KVP-min Socialist Business
1896Constantine Rokossovski, Russian marshal/vice-premier of Poland
1896Leroy Robertson, composer
1898Eugène Dabit, French writer/painter (H“tel du Nord)
1898Ira S Bowen, US physicist/astronomer (Mt Wilson/Palomar)
1899Guy Wilkerson, TX, actor (Dead or Alive, West of Texas, Shootin' Iron)
1900Oda Schaefer, German author/poet (Die Windharfe, Ladies Only)
1900Wischnewski, writer
1901Juan A de Zunzunegui y Loredo, Spanish writer
1901Robin Irvine, London England, actor (Easy Virtue)
1905Anthony Powell, England, novelist (Infants of Spring)
1907Garmt Stuiveling, Dutch literary (Poet in Love)
1908Pat Weaver, LA Calif, TV Executive (started Today show)
1909George Ball, Iowa, lawyer/undersecretary of state
1909Seich“ Matsumoto, Dutch Japanese detective/playwright (10 to Sen)
1911Josh Gibson, pro baseball player, "Negro Babe Ruth" (hit 800+ HRs)
1911Paul Burkhard, composer
1913Raich Carter, soccer star
1916Eve Perrick, journalist
1916John Boon, publisher
1917Alicia Alonso, Havana Cuba, ballerina (American Ballet Theatre)
1917Andre Eglevsky, choreographer (Limelight)
1917Heinrich Böll, Germ, writer (Group Portrait with Lady, Nobel '72) [NS]
1918Donald Regan, White House staffer/US Secretary of Treasury (1981-85)
1918Kurt Waldheim, Nazi/4th UN Sec-Gen (1972-81)/Austrian pres (1986-92)
1919Gert Fredriksson, Sweden, 1K kayak (Olympic-gold-1948, 52, 56)
1921Alica Alonso, Havana, ballerina
1921James Tye, safety expert
1921Joan Dickson, cellist
1922Paul Winchell, NYC, ventriloquist (Jerry Mahoney, Knucklehead Smith)
1924Joe Paterno, football coach (Penn State, SI Sportsman of 1986)
1924Johan W "Jo" van Marle, KNVB-chairman (1980-93)
1924Rita Reys, [Maria Reijs], Dutch jazz singer
1926John Herbert McDowell, composer
1926Pedro Gonzales-Gonzalez, Aguilares Tx, actor (Rio Bravo)
1927Michael Carreras, film director
1928Ed Nelson, New Orleans La, actor (Peyton Place, A Long Came a Spider)
1928Thomas Rajna, composer
1929Jack Philip Cannon, composer
1930Willem R "Wim" van der Zee, secretary of Council of Churches
1931Caroline Kaart, [Paterson Raitt], Dutch alto singer
1931David Baker, Indianapolis Indiana, composer (Reflections)
1932Ilja Zeljenka, composer
1933Huib Eversdijk, Dutch 2nd chamber member (CDA)
1933Jackie Hendriks, cricketer (West Indian wicket-keeper of 60's)
1933Miklos Kocsar, composer
1934Hanif Mohammad, cricketer (prolific Pakistani batsman 1952-69)
1935Phil Donahue, Cleve Ohio, talk show host (Phil Donahue Show)
1937Harald, Crown Prince, son of King Olav V, heir apparent of Norway
1937Jane Fonda, NYC, actress (Barbarella, Klute), physically fit
1938Larry Bryggman, Concord CA, actor (Dr John Dixon-As the World Turns)
1940Frank Zappa, Baltimore, rocker (Mothers of Invention, Catholic Girls)
1940Paul, [Ray Hildebrand], Tx, singer (Hey Paula)
1942Carla Thomas, US singer (Let Me Be Good to You)
1943Albert Lee, rocker
1943Jack Nance, actor (Rubbed Out)
1943Walter Spanghero, French rugby player
1944Jared Martin, NYC, actor (Varian-Fantastic Voyage, Dusty-Dallas)
1944Michael Tilson Thomas, LA Calif, conductor (NY Phil Young People)
1945Doug Walters, cricketer (Aussie batting genius 1965-81 Extrovert)
1945Millie Hughes-Fulford, Wells Tx, astronaut (STS 40)
1946Carl Dean Wilson, Hawthorne Calif, rock vocalist (Beach Boys-Barbie)
1946Christopher Keene, Berkeley Calif, conductor (La Traviata)
1946Josh Mostel, NY, actor (Windy City, Animal Behavior, Money Pit)
1948Barry Gordon, Brookline Mass, actor (Gary-Archie Bunker's Place)
1948Carol Potter, NYC, actress (Beverly Hills 90210, Today's FBI)
1948Dave Kingman, baseball player (Mets, Yanks, Giants)
1948Samuel L Jackson, actor (Amos & Andrew, White Sand, Pulp Fiction)
1948Willem AFG Vermeend, Dutch economist/undersecretary of Finance (1994-)
1952Dennis Boutsikaris, Newark NJ, actor (Batteries Not Included)
1952Steve Furniss, US swimmer (Olympics-bronze-1972)
1953Andras Schiff, Budapest Hungary, pianist (Tchaikovsky-1974)
1953Arie Luyendyk, Netherlands, Indy-car racer (1990 Indianapolis 500)
1953Betty Wright, US gospel/singer/TV hostess (Little Miss Broadway)
1953Tina Brown, journalist (New Yorker)
1954Chris Evert Lloyd Mills, Ft Lauderdale, tennis pro 'Miss pokerface'
1956Kevin Burnham, Hollis NY, 470 yachter (Olympics-8th-1992, 96)
1956Lee Roy Parnell, Abilene Texas, country singer (Oughta be a Law)
1957Joshua Mostel, NYC, actor (Delta House, At Ease)
1957Lisa Gerritsen, LA Calif, actress (Bess-Mary Tyler Moore Show)
1957Ray Romano, Queens NY, actor (Ray Barone-Everybody Loves Raymond)
1959Florence Griffith Joyner, LA Calif, runner (Olympic-3 gold-1988)
1960Andy Van Slyke, baseball player
1960Michael Swain, Elizabeth NJ, judoka (Olympics-bronze-88)
1960Roger McDowell, Cincinnati OH, pitcher (NY Mets, Balt Orioles)
1961Trevor Bayliss, cricketer (NSW batsman)
1962Christy Forester, Lookout Mt Ga, country singer (Forester Sister-Men)
1964Ed Jongsma, Dutch pop bassist (Sleeze Beez-Look Like Hell)
1964Joey Kocur, Calgary, NHL right wing (Vancouver Canucks)
1964Keith Taylor, NFL safety (Washington Redskins)
1965Andy Dick, Charleston SC, actor (Matthew-Newsradio)
1965Gabrielle Glaser, musician (Luscious Jackson)
1965Rodney Thomas, WLAF cornerback (Barcelona Dragons)
1965Sue Thomas, Texarkana TX, LPGA golfer (1991 Orix Hawaiian Ladies-14th)
1967Ervin Johnson, NBA center (Seattle Supersonics, Milwaukee Bucks)
1967Kristi Cooke, Marion Ohio, Miss Ohio-America (1991)
1967Terry Mills, NBA forward (Miami Heat, Detroit Pistons)
1968Anthony Lynn, NFL running back (Denver Broncos-Superbowl 32)
1968Khrystyne Haje, Santa Clara, Cal, actress (Simone-Head of the Class)
1969Chuck Smith, NFL defensive end (Atlanta Falcons)
1969Julie Delpy, actress (Before Sunrise)
1969Leon Searcy, NFL offensive tackle (Pitts Steelers, Jackson Jaguars)
1970Irving Spikes, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins)
1970Monique Ambers, WNBA forward (Phoenix Mercury)
1970Ronnie Woolfork, WLAF linebacker (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1971Ernest Hunter, NFL running back (Cleve Browns)
1971Irena Slavutskay, Israel, athlete (Oly-1996)
1971Jey Phillips, WLAF DB (Amsterdam Admirals)
1971Tommie Boyd, NFL/WLAF receiver (Detroit Lions, Rhein Fire)
1973Mike Alstott, fullback (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
1974Karrie Webb, Ayr Queensland Aus, LPGA golfer (1994 Aust Strokeplay)
1974Raymond Austin, cornerback/safety (NY Jets)
1974Tommie Boyd, wide reciever (Detroit Lions)
1978Amber Corwin, Harbor City Ca, figure skater (1997 National Sr - 5th)
1978Michael Vitar, LA Calif, actor (D2, D3, Sunset Grill, Sandlot Kids)

Famous deaths for this day Events  Birthdays

0918 Conrad I, Duke of Franconia/German King (911-918), dies
1308 Henry I, the Child, 1st landgrave of Hessen (1256-1308), dies
1375 Boccaccio, writer, dies
1375 Giovanni Boccaccio, Italian poet (Vita di Dante), dies
1429 Jacquemart de Bléharies, Tournay "heretic", burned to death
1579 Juan de Juanes, [Vicente J Maçip], Spanish relig painter, dies at 56
1597 Petrus Canisius, Dutch jesuit/saint, dies at 76
1674 Rutger van Haersolte, viceroy of Overijsselse, dies at about 66
1734 Philipp Hyacinth Lobkowitz, composer, dies at 54
1736 Alessandro Galilei, Italian architect (Cappella Corsini), dies at 45
1755 Caspar Ruetz, composer, dies at 47
1765 Joseph Thaddäus Stammel, Austrian sculptor, dies at 70
1820 Charles-François Dumonchau, composer, dies at 45
1859 Nicolaas C Kist, Dutch church historian/archivist, dies at 66
1864 William Henry Fry, composer, dies at 51
1889 Joseph B Lightfoot, English theologist/bishop of Durham, dies at 61
1890 Niels Vilhelm Gade, Danish composer, dies at 73
1906 Adalbert von Goldschmidt, composer, dies at 58
1907 Oskar Lassar, German dermatologist (public baths), dies at 58
1914 A O Jones, cricketer (12 Tests for England 1899-1909), dies
1920 Claude Tozer, cricketer (dashing NSW batsman, shot to death
1921 P B S Pinchback, major Reconstruction politician, dies at 84
1927 Jack Saunders, cricketer (79 wickets-14 Tests for Aust 1902-08), dies
1928 Harry Butt, cricketer (England wicket-keeper v S Africa 1895-96), dies
1928 Luigi Cadorna, Italian fieldmarshal (WW I, Caporetto), dies at 78
1931 John-French Cantré, Flemish wood carver/painter/cartoonist, dies at 45
1933 Knud J V Rasmussen, Danish Pole explorer (Thule), dies at 54
1935 Kurt Tucholsky, Ger journalist/writer (Panter, Tiger & Co), dies at 45
1937 Frank Kellog, US foreign minister (Nobel 1929), dies at 80
1940 F Scott Fitzgerald, author (Zelda), dies of a heart attack at 44
1942 Leendert Round, sculptor (Giraffen, Blijdorp), dies at 63
1945 George S Patton, US General (Sicily/Normandy), dies in car crash at 60
1948 Seishiro Itagaki, Japanese General/min of War, hanged
1955 Dorothy Bernard, actress (Margaret-Life With Father), dies at 65
1956 Lewis M Terman, psychologist (Genetic studies of genius), dies at 79
1957 Eric Coates, composer, dies at 71
1958 H[arry] B[yron] Warner, actor (10 Commandments, New Moon), dies at 83
1958 Lion Feuchtwanger, philosopher/writer (Der falsche Nero), dies at 74
1963 Jack Hobbs, cricketer (61 Tests for England), dies
1965 Claude Adonai Champagne, composer, dies at 74
1967 Louis Washkansky, 18 days after 1st heart transplant, dies at 55
1967 Stuart Erwin, actor (Trouble With Father), dies of heart attack at 64
1972 Horace Mann Bond, president of Lincoln University (Pa), dies at 70
1974 Richard Long, actor (Nanny & Professor), dies at 47
1975 William Lundigan, announcer (CBS Mystery Theater), dies at 61
1976 Edward Bartlett, cricketer (WI Test batsman in 5 Tests 1928-31), dies
1979 Bill Anderson, cricketer (Test for NZ 1946, scored five & one), dies
1980 Marc Connelly, playwright (One Minute Please), dies at 90
1983 Rod Cameron, actor (Santa Fe Passage, Stampede), dies at 73
1987 Robert Paige, actor (Son of Dracula, Pardon My Sarong), dies
1988 Bob Steele, [Robert Bradbury], dies after short illness at 60
1988 Nicholas Tinbergen, Dutch/British biologist, dies at 81
1989 Elena Ceaucescu, wife of Romanian dictator Nicolae, executed
1989 Jan Cikker, composer, dies at 78
1989 Nicolae Ceaucescu, Romanian dictator (1945-89), executed
1992 Albert King, US blues singer/guitarist (Crosscut Saw), dies at 71
1992 Nathan Milstein, Ukrainian/US violist (Beethoven, Bach), dies at 87
1992 Stella Adler, US actress (Love on Toast), dies at 90
1992 Sybil Andrews, English/Canada painter, dies at 94
1993 Philip Christison, British general (Rangoon), dies at 100
1994 Dean Rusk, US Sect of State, dies at 85
1994 Shauna McDonald Brown, British TV producer, dies at 37
1995 Robert Francis Vere Heuston, professor of law, dies at 72
1995 Trenchard Cox, museum director, dies at 90
1996 Margaret E Rey, author of children's books, dies at 90
1996 Olga Maria Nicolis di Robilant, patron of the arts, dies at 96
1997 Bruce Woodcock, boxer, dies at 76
1997 Juzo Itami, film director/actor (Lord Jim, Yuuguremade), dies at 64
1997 Michael Lyne, air-marshal, dies at 78

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