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Events for today in history Birthdays  Deaths
0284 Gen Gaius Aurelius V Diocletianus Jovius (3) becomes emperor of Rome
0284 Origin of Era of Diocletian (Martyrs)
1178 Anti-Pope Callistus III gives pope title to Alexander III
1261 Jacques Pantaléon elected as Pope Urban IV
1475 Treaty of Picquigny] king Louis XI buys English contacts
1484 Giovanni B Cibo elected as Pope Innocent VIII
1526 Hungary conquered by Turks in Battle of Moh cs
1533 Francisco Pizarro orders death of last Incan King of Peru, Atahualpa
1540 Emperor Karel deprives city Gent definitive rights/privileges
1612 Battle at Surat India: English fleet beats Portuguese
1640 English King Charles I signed a peace treaty with Scotland
1655 Swedish king Karel X Gustaaf occupies Warsaw
1664 Adriaen Pieck/Gerrit de Ferry patent wooden firespout in Amsterdam
1708 English troops occupy Menorca & Sardinia
1708 Haverhill, Mass destroyed by French & Indians
1742 Edmond Hoyle published his "Short Treatise" on the card game whist
1756 Prussian Libya occupies Saxson: beginning 7 years War
1756 England & France meet in war
1758 New Jersey Legislature forms 1st Indian reservation
1776 Americans withdraw from Manhattan to Westchester
1786 Shay's Rebellion in Springfield, Mass
1792 English warship Royal George capsizes in Spithead; kills 900
1793 Slaves in French colony of St Domingue (Haiti) freed
1831 Michael Faraday demonstrates 1st electric transformer
1842 Gr Britain & China sign Treaty of Nanking, ends Opium war
1844 1st white-indian lacrosse game in Montreal, Indians win
1854 Self-governing windmill patented (Daniel Halladay)
1862 2nd Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) begins
1862 Battle of Aspromonte-Italian royal forces defeat rebels
1862 Battle of Bull Run, VA (Manassas, Gainesville, Bristoe Station)
1862 US Bureau of Engraving & Printing begins operation
1864 William Huggins discovers chemical composition of nebulae
1882 Australia beat England by 7 runs "Death of English cricket"
1882 Fred Spofforth completes 14-90 for match v England (7-46 & 7-44)
1883 Seismic sea waves created by Krakatoa eruption create a rise in English Channel 32 hrs after explosion
1885 Gottlieb Daimler receives German patent for a motorcycle
1885 Phillies Charlie Ferguson no-hits Providence 1-0
1885 Boxing's 1st heavyweight title fight with 3-oz gloves & 3-minute rounds fought between John L Sullivan & Dominick McCaffrey
1889 1st American Intl pro lawn tennis contest (Newport RI)
1896 Chop suey invented in NYC by chef of visiting Chinese Ambassador
1904 3rd modern Olympic Games opens in St Louis
1905 Pierre de Brazza leaves Brazzaville
1906 Bridge in St Lawrence Canada caves in; 70 die
1906 William J Clothier wins the US Tennis Open
1908 NY gives a ticker tape parade to returning US Olympians from London
1909 AH Latham of France sets world airplane altitude record of 155 m
1909 World's 1st air race held in Rheims France. Glenn Curtiss (USA) wins
1913 Pieter Cort Van de Linden forms Dutch govt
1914 4th day of Tannenberg: Russian Narev-army panics, Gen Martos caught
1914 Arizonian is 1st vessel to arrive in SF via Panama Canal
1914 Battle at St Quentin: French counter attack under General Lanrezac
1916 Von Hindenburg replaces Von Falkenhayn as German chief of staff
1916 US Congress accept Jones Act: Philippines independence
1916 Transportship Hsin-Yu & cruiser Hai-Yung collide; 1000 die
1916 Gen Von Hindenburg becomes German Chief of Staff
1916 Congress creates US Naval reserve
1924 German Republic day accepts Dawes plan
1925 After a night on the town, Babe Ruth shows up late for batting practice Miller Huggins suspends Ruth & slaps a $5,000 fine on him
1929 German airship Graf Zeppelin ends a round-the-world flight
1932 International Anti-War Committee forms in Amsterdam
1932 United Cigar Stores shuts 800 shops
1935 2nd NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Chi Bears 5, All-Stars 0 (77,450)
1937 Phila A's Bob Johnson is 2nd to get 6 RBIs in an inning (1st)
1939 Chaim Weizmann informs England that Palestine Jews will fight in WW II
1940 7th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 45, All-Stars 28 (84,567)
1941 German Einsatzkommando in Russia kills 1,469 Jewish children
1943 Denmark scuttles their warships so as not to be taken by Germany
1944 Anti German rebellion in Slovakia
1944 15,000 American troops liberating Paris march down Champs Elysees
1945 British liberate Hong Kong from Japan
1945 Gen MacArthur named Supreme Commander of Allied Powers in Japan
1947 Constantine Tsaldaris follows Maximos as Greece premier
1949 USSR explodes its 1st atomic bomb
1950 Intl Olympic Committee votes admission to West Germany & Japan in '52
1953 KHSL TV channel 12 in Chico, CA (CBS) begins broadcasting
1953 USSR explodes its 1st hydrogen bomb
1954 SF International Airport (SFO) opens
1956 French govt routes troops to Cyprus near Suez crisis
1957 Congress passes Civil Rights Act of 1957
1957 Strom Thurmond (Sen-D-SC) ends 24 hr filibuster against civil rights
1958 Air Force Academy opens in Colorado Springs, Colo
1958 George Harrison joins Quarrymen (Lennon-McCartney-Best-Sutcliffe)
1960 Jordan premier Hazza-el-Madjali deadly injured at bomb attack
1962 Some provisions of Kuwaiti constitution are suspended
1962 US U-2 flight sees SAM launch pads in Cuba
1963 Harmon Killebrew (Twins) HRs off Pete Burnside (Senators) in DH
1964 "Funny Thing Happened" closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 965 perfs
1964 Walt Disney's "Mary Poppins" released
1964 On Elston Howard Night, Mickey Mantle ties Babe Ruth's career strikeout record (1,330)
1965 Astronauts Cooper & Conrad complete 120 Earth orbits in Gemini 5
1965 Willie Mays sets NL record for HRs in a month with his 17th of August
1966 Beatles last public concert (Candlestick Park, SF)
1966 Dutch Internal minister Smallenbroek resigns after driving drunk
1967 Yanks longest day, Red Sox take 1st game 2-1 in 9, Yanks win 2nd game in 20, 4-3 a total of 8 hours & 19 minutes
1967 Final TV episode of "Fugitive"
1968 1st US Open tennis match (Billie Jean King beats Dr Vija Vuskains)
1968 Democratics nominate Hubert H Humphrey for president (Chicago)
1968 Norwegian king Harald V marries Sonja
1969 Joe Pepitone quits Yanks after being fined $500 for leaving the bench
1969 KYUS TV channel 3 in Miles City, MT (ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
1970 Black Panthers confront cops in Phila (1 cop killed)
1972 SF Giant Jim Barr retires 1st 20 batters he faces added to last 21 he retired 6 days earlier for record 41 in a row
1974 USSR performs underground nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1975 Star in Cygnus goes nova becoming 4th brightest in sky
1976 Sandra Palmer wins LPGA National Jewish Hospital Golf Open
1977 St Louis Cardinal Lou Brock eclipses Ty Cobb's 49-year-old career stolen bases record at 893 as Padres win 4-3
1978 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1978 USTA National Tennis Center opens in Flushing NY
1979 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1979 Sheridan Broadcasting Corp purchases Mutual Black Network
1981 Phillies minor leaguer Jeff Stone steals pro baseball record 121st base en route to 122 (Spartanburg (South Atlantic League))
1981 28th Walker Cup: US wins 15-9
1982 38°F lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in August
1982 George Brett gets his 1,500th hit
1982 Joanne Carner wins LPGA Henredon Golf Classic
1982 Steve Miller's "Abracadabra" hits #1
1985 Atlantis moves to launch pad for 51-J mission
1985 Emmy News & Documentaries Award presentation
1985 NY Yank Don Baylor is hit by a pitch for a record 190th time
1986 Morocco king Hassan II signs unity treaty with Libya
1986 Heike Drechsler of E Germany ties world women's 200 m mark (21.71s)
1987 Nolan Ryan passes the 200-strikeout barrier for record 11th time
1987 Rosa Mota becomes wins female Rome marathon (2:25:17)
1988 Macy's Tap-o-Mania sets Guiness record
1988 USSR launches 3 cosmonauts (Valery Polyakav, 1 Afghan) to station Mir
1990 C-5 transport plane crashes at Ramstein AFB, Germany, killing 13
1990 Saddam Hussein declares America can't beat Iraq
1991 USSR suspends Communist Party activities
1991 JFK Jr wins his 1st battle as an attorney
1992 Largest wrestling crowd out side of US (75,000) at Wembley Stadium
1992 Randy Myers blows his 6th save of the season & it marks the 5th time he's blown a potential win for Greg Harris
1992 Brave's Charlie Leibrandt 1,000th strikeout & decides to keep the ball He rolls it to the dugout, allows Ricky Jordan to take 2nd on error
1993 21st du Maurier Golf Classic: Brandie Burton
1993 93rd US Golf Amateur Championship won by John Harris
1993 Actress Elke Sommer (52) weds Wolf Walther (46)
1993 Actress Marlee Matlin (28) weds Kevin Grandalski (28)

Birthdays for today in history Events  Deaths
1387Henry V, king of England (1413-22)/France (1416-19)
1434Janus Pannonius, Hungarian poet/translator
1476Kano Motonobu, Kyoto Japan, co-founder (Kano school of painting)
1561Bartholomeus Pitiscus, German mathematician (Trigonometry)
1609Sassoferrato, [Giovanni B Salvi], Italian painter (Madonna)
1619Jean-Baptiste Colbert, French minister of Naval/baron
1632John Locke, England, empiricist philosopher; disproved substance
1686Wilhelm Hieronymus Pachelbel, composer
1773Raphael G Kiesewetter, Austria musicologist (Arab Music)
1780Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, French painter (Valpincon Bather)
1808Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch, German politician/reformer
1809Oliver Wendell Holmes, Cambridge MA, physician/author (Old Ironsides)
1811Henry Bergh, 1st president of SPCA
1815Anna Ella Carroll, US, civil war writer (Reconstruction)
1842Alfred Shaw, cricketer (pioneering England Test bowler)
1849Titus A J van Asch van Wijck, Dutch governor Suriname (1891-97)
1851Willem M d'Ablaing, Dutch lawyer
1855Emil Pauer, composer
1862P M B Maurice Maeterlinck, Belgium, poet (Blue Bird, Nobel 1911)
1874Walter Field,
1876Charles F Kettering, Ohio, inventor (auto self-starter)
1877Alfred DPR Pound, British admiral/1st Sealord (Jutland, WW II)
1879Han Yong-woon, Hongsung County Korea, Zen teacher
1880Marie-Louise Meilleur, Canada, lived past 117
1881Edvin Kallstenius, composer
1881Valery Nicolas Larbaud, France, novelist/translator (Enfantines)
1884Ehm Welk, writer
1891Michael Chekhov, Russia, actor (Abie's Irish Rose, Rhapsody)
1894E Franklin Frazier, sociologist, died in 1962
1898Preston Sturges, [Edmund P Biden], Chic, director (Sullivan's Travels)
1899George Macready, Providence RI, actor (Martin Peyton-Peyton Place)
1899Lyman L Lemnitzer, Marine Corps general (WW II)
1900Oscar Nitzchke, German architect (Alcoa building/Centre Pompidou)
1903Olive Ann Beech, aircraft industry executive
1903Ernst Kreuder, writer
1904Werner Forssman, German urologist (Nobel 1956)
1905Lan Adomian, composer
1905Martinus A Jansen, Bishop of Rotterdam (1956-70)
1906Lurene Tuttle, Pleasant Lake Ind, actress (Father of Bride, Julia)
1907Joseph Wechsberg, Austria/US writer (Looking For a Bluebird)
1909Francis Henry Smith, librarian
1909Roy Reuther, Wheeling WV, labor leader
1910Robert Pineda-Duque, composer
1912Barry Sullivan, NYC, actor (Duffy's Tavern, Man Called X, Tall Man)
1912Emil Schumacher, German painter (Tangible Objects)
1913Len Butterfield, cricketer (NZ all-rounder, Test)
1915Denys Hay, historian
1915Ingrid Bergman, Stockholm, actress (Casablanca, Cactus Flower)
1916George Montgomery, Brady Mont, actor (Battle of Bulge, Hallucination)
1916Leo Horn, Dutch soccer referee/columnist/businessman
1917Isabel Sanford, NYC, actress (Louise-Jeffersons/All in the Family)
1918Jelle Zijlstra, economist/minister/pres Netherlands Bank
1920Charles White, Perth Amboy NJ, actor (Airpot 95, Serpico)
1920Charlie "Bird" Parker, US jazz saxophonist
1920Susan Damante Shaw, London England, actress (Wilderness Family)
1922Emile Habibi, writer
1922Yorgos Sicilianos, composer
1923Richard Attenborough, England, actor/director (Gandhi, Young Winston)
1923Reinier Braams, Dutch biophysicist/MP (VVD)
1923Lester Albert Trimble, composer
1923Hirulal Gaekwad, cricket all-rounder (Test for India 1952-53)
1924Dinah Washington, Chicago, singer (What a Difference a Day Makes)
1924James W Wood, USAF/astronaut (Dynasoar)
1925Donald O'Connor, Chicago Ill, dancer/actor (Singing in the Rain)
1927Marion Williams, US gospel singers (Stars of Faith)
1928Charles Gray, Bournemouth England, actor (Clay-Rawhide)
1928Thomas Stewart, San Saba Texas, baritone (La Roche Capriccio)
1929Thom Gunn, Kent England, poet (The Wound)
1930Marius J J van Amelsvoort, Dutch undersecretary (CDA)
1933Jehan Sadat, 1st lady of Egypt
1933Ramses Shaffy, Dutch cabaret actor (Zaak MP, Liefdesbekentenissen)
1934David H Pryor, (Sen-D Arkansas, 1979- )
1934Gene Allison, US R&B-singer (You Can Make It If You Try)
1934Jean-Pierre Guezek, composer
1934John Guy, cricketer (solid left-handed batsman for NZ in late 1950's)
1935Hugo Brandt Corstius, Dutch essayist/mathematician
1936John McCain, (Rep-R-Arizona, 1983-86)
1936Gilbert Amy, French composer (Coeur de Fumée)
1937James J Floria, (Rep-D-NJ, 1975-90/Gov-D-NJ, 1990-94)
1938Elliott Gould, Queens NY, actor (M*A*S*H, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice)
1939William Friedkin, Chic, dir (Exorcist, Cruising, French Connection)
1940James Brady, press secretary (wounded during Reagan assassin attempt)
1940Wilhelm Ruska, Holland, judo champ (Olympic-gold-1972)
1941Robin Leach, London England, TV host (Life Styles of Rich & Famous)
1942Holmes Sterling Morrison, musician
1943Mohamed Amin, cameraman
1943Richard Halligan, Troy NY, rock vocalist (Blood Sweat & Tears)
1945Chris Copping, Essex England, rock bassist (Procol Harum)
1945Wyomia Tyus, Griffin Ga, 100m runner (Olympic-gold-1964, 68)
1946Bob Beamon, Jamaica NY, high jumper (Olympics-gold-68, 29' 2«" 8.9m)
1948Charles David Walker, astronaut (STS 12 STS 16 STS 23)
1949Peter John Wiegold, composer
1950Mark McHale, WLAF offensive line coach (Amsterdam Admirals)
1953Rick Downey, rocker drummer/vocalist (Blue Oyster Cult)
1954Chet Catallo, guitarist (Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance)
1954Julio Fernandez, jazz guitarist (Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance)
1954Michael P[aul] Kube-McDowell, US, sci-fi author (Enigma, Empery)
1955Diamanda Galas, composer
1956Edddie Murray, NFL kicker (Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings)
1956Kelly Murray, Vancouver, Canadian Tour golfer (985 Alberta Open)
1957Therese Hession, LPGA golfer
1957Pim Kops, rock musician (Dike, Bloedend Heart)
1958Michael Jackson, Gary Indiana, singer (Thriller, Bad)
1959Chris Hadfield, Sarnia Ontario Canada, RCAF/astronaut (STS 74, sk: 99)
1959Eddi Reader, rocker (Fairground Attraction-Find My Love)
1961Rebecca De Mornay, Santa Rose Cal, actress (Hand that Rocks Cradle)
1961Tony MacAlpine, heavy metal rocker (Solo-Edge of Insanity)
1962Carl Banks, NFL linebacker (Cleve Browns, NY Giants)
1963Greg Steele, rocker (Faster Pussycat-Wake Me When It's Over)
1963Greg Holmes, Covina Cal, tennis star
1963Elizabeth Brown, minister healer/writer
1964Jordi Arrese, Spain, tennis star
1965Alphons Arts, Dutch soccer player (Go Ahead Eagles)
1965Will Perdue, NBA center (San Antonio Spurs)
1966Dan Truman, St George Utah, singer (Diamond Rio-Meet in the Middle)
1967Shaun Van Allen, Shaunavon, NHL center (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)
1968Darren Joseph, CFL fullback (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1969Jerry Simons, soccer player (Dordrecht '90, Vitesse)
1969Brady Katytman, Greece NY, kayak (alt-Olympics-96)
1969Amanda Hope, Austin TX, playmate (Jul, 1992)
1970Jacco Elringh, Netherlands, tennis star
1971Dennis de Brown, soccer player (Sparta)
1972Michael Roan, NFL tight end/halfback (Houston/Tennessee Oilers)
1973Leigh Sherer, Jasper Alabama, Miss America (Alabama-Top 10-1996)
1973Joe Carollo, WLAF G (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1973Jermane Mayberry, guard/tackle (Philadelphia Eagles)
1973Devin Wyman, defensive tackle (New England Patriots)
1974Brad Boston, Sarnia Ontario, soling yachter (Olympics-96)
1976Chris Renaud, Fredericton New Brunswick, swimmer (Olympics-96)
1976Kasia Kulesza, Warsaw Poland, Canadian synchro swimmer (Oly-silver-96)
1976Stephanie Worcester, Miss USA-Maine (1997)
1978Aimée Michelle Voshell, Felton Delaware, Miss America-Delaware (1997)
1978Larissa Meek, Miss Missouri Teen USA (1997)
1979Natasha Fisher, Miss Nebraska Teen USA (1997)

Deaths for today in history Events  Birthdays
0029John the Baptist, beheaded
0886Basilius I, the Macedoniër, Byzantine emperor (867-886), dies
1523Ulrich von Hutten, German poet/humanist/patriot, dies at 35
1526Louis II, King of Hungary/Bohemia, dies in accident at 20
1533Atahualpa, last Inca King of Peru, murdered by Spanish conquerors
1653Gillesz de Hondecoeter, painter/Hostage rights, buried at about 49
1712Gregory King, English statistician (law of King), dies at 63
1738Georg Reuter, composer, dies at 81
1758Gerard Van Wage, historian, dies at 75
1758Stepan F graaf Apraksin, Russian general-fieldmarshal, dies at 56
1769Edmond Hoyle, games expert, dies (birth date unknown)
1782Richard Kempenfeldt, English admiral, drowns
1799Pius VI, [Giovanni A Braschi], Italian Pope (1775-99), dies at 71
1821Horace Coignet, composer, dies at 86
1861Franz Joseph Glaser, composer, dies at 63
1865John Brough, US publisher/(gov-R-Ohio), dies at about 54
1868Christian Schönbein, German chemist, dies at about 69
1876Félicien C David, French composer (Lalla-Roukh), dies at 66
1877Brigham Young, 2nd president of Mormon Church, dies
1893Aleksei N Apuchtin, Rus poet (Stichotvorenia), dies at 52 [OS=8/17]
1904Murad V, sultan of Turkey (1876), dies
1909Emil C Hansen, Danish physiologist, dies
1910Allen Hill, cricket bowler (England, 2 Tests), dies
1910Johann O Backlund, Swedish astronomer, dies at 64
1910John YWJ Eilerts de Cock, sea officer (Suriname), dies at 44
1914... Machagovsky, Russian general (Tannenberg), dies in battle
1918Max Dauthendey, writer, dies at 51
1921Joel Asaph Allen, US zoologist (rule of Allen), dies at 83
1928Richard B Haldane, British viscount/lord-chancellor, dies at 72
1933Georgy Eduardovich Konyus, composer, dies at 70
1935Astrid S L T Bernadotte, Queen of Belgium/Princess of Sweden, dies
1935Charles Lee Williams, composer, dies at 82
1940Arthur De Greef, composer, dies at 77
1941Henri Louis, French officer/resistance fighter, executed at 40
1941Jan L G "Yvan" Doornik, Dutch resist fighter in France, executed at 36
1941Maurice Charles mile Barlier, Fren resistance fighter, executed at 35
1946J E Feenstra, Nazi military police commandant, executed
1946Milan Harasta, composer, dies at 26
1957Jozef Cantré, Flemish sculptor/wood carver, dies at 66
1959Charles Lotsy, Dutch insurance director/chief d'équipe, dies at 66
1960Alexander Gauge, actor (Adv of Robin Hood), dies at 46
1960Hazza el-Majali, PM of Jordan is assassinated
1960Vicki Baum, writer, dies
1968Victor Sutherland, dies at 79
1970Mary Clare, dies at 76
1972Lale [Liselotte H] Anderson, Ger night club performer/singer, dies
1972Rene Leibowitz, composer, dies at 59
1973Michael Dunn, short actor (Justine, Boom, Madigan), dies at 38
1973Stringer Davis, actress (Mouse on the Moon, Miranda), dies at about 77
1975Leland T Weed
1975Eamon de Valera, Irish president (1937..59), dies at 92
1976Anissa Jones, actress (Buffy-Family Affair), ODs at 18
1976Jimmy Reed, rocker, dies of epileptic seizure at 50
1977Jean Hagen, actress (Dead Ringer, Shaggy Dog, Arena), dies at 54
1979Mary Marquet, actress (Landru, Paris Canaille), dies at 84
1981Lowell Thomas, newscaster (High Adventure), dies in Pawling NY at 89
1982Ingrid Bergman, actress (Anastasia, Gaslight), dies on 67th birthday
1982Lehman Engel, US composer (Streetcar Named Desire), dies at 71
1982Nahum Goldmann, pres Zionist World Organization, dies at 87
1983William Goyen, writer, dies at 68
1983Simon Oakland, actor (Toma, Kolchak, Baa Baa Black Sheep), dies at 61
1985Alexander Abramsky, composer, dies at 87
1985Evelyn Ankers, actress (Black Beauty, Jungle Woman), dies at 67
1985Patrick Barr, actor (Black Orchid, On the Run), dies at 77
1986Ellis Achong, cricketer (West Indies 1933-35, "chinaman"), dies
1987Lee Marvin, actor (Cat Ballou, Gorky Park), dies in Tucson Ariz at 63
1990Sandy, dog in the play Annie, dies at 16
1991Dallas Adams, British painter/writer/actor (Terror from Within), dies
1991Daniel Ocko, dies of respiratory condition at 78
1991Dixie Dunbar, [Charlotte King], dies of heart attack at 72
1991Kathryn Cravens, news correspondent, dies at 92
1991Libero Grassi, Italian underwear manufacturer/anti mafia, dies
1992Teddy Turner, comedian, dies at 75
1992Mary Norton, children book author (Borrowers), dies at 88
1993Dorian Corey, actor (Paris is Burning), dies of AIDs at 56
1993Henry J "Harry" Smeets, dealer of Volkskrant, dies at 56
1994Tushar Kanti Ghosh, longest serving newspaper editor, dies at 93
1994Phillip Gilmore, actress (Malcolm X), dies at 38
1994Michael Peters, dies of complications due to AIDS at 46
1994Jean-Marie Vincent, Haitian Catholic priest, shot dead
1994Gladys Marea Hartman, athletics Administrator, dies at 74
1994Arthur Ernest Mourant, haematologist, dies at 90
1995Frank Perry, US dir (Diary of Mad Housewife, David & Lisa), dies at 65
1995Harry Broadhurst, British airman, dies at 89
1995Jack Stoddart, designer/socialist, dies at 70
1995Thomas Strittmatter, writer, dies at 33

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